Dream - A Noun
1 September, 1985
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Like an eyes first tear,
reality draws so near,
When reality and fantasy are one....

Hearts bleed with a swords,fresh stab,
where the blood pours on a pillow of loneliness
Your mind can escape you....
Your mind can escape you.....

Further into the distance a dream survives
And the sword is gently pulled away by skillful hands.
But still your life pours on. It pours on....

Fearless you fight on, holding the sword which binds you,
But the loss you've gained destroys,
But slowly you still follow your dreams.
Follow your dreams,
Follow your dreams....

Falling again ..your tears begin to fall.
And the sword again has opened reality,
Bringing Reality so near.
It brings it so near.

But still you go

on......Is it fantasy.... or reality?

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-------------- Author's Notes --------------

Once, when I was lonely, a one night stand told me. " You live in a fantasy world, and you need to face reality.".. I replied with this poem. Now it has a new meaning to me. I dedicate it to you. All of you that live in this great ever challenging endeavor we call life. Always live for the dream. And if the dream seems unachievable, create a new dream and move toward it.

Comments on this poem/writing:

truskoff () -- Saturday, June 28 1997, 05:00 am


Oopses I mean. Talking about bareing your soul? Talking about getting naked? Either way, it blends. We are sexual and just can't cut that out of our poetry right? I think all the knights knew about the attraction of the sword. I think of those guys in black hoods and crappy club outfits. I mean, the man in the iron mask? Give me a break. I can see women in heaven sighing: "They are blessing their weapons, for us? In love of God? I don't think so.
Gabrielle, don't go there..."
Men have always confused their roles with rolls, thinking "how great I am my ....wins again." I'm referring to the audacity of the one night stand. You invite someone into your bed and the next thing you know he trys to smash what's in your head. Do I overblame? Sounds like you learned something more than he will ever understand. Is it poetry we are doing, learning here? I think so because I heard one poet say that Poetry is Bread. His name is Roche Dalton. I always leave this page full.
joanne () -- Saturday, June 28 1997, 05:00 am

becky you are my guardian angel

for far too long i have given my personal power away for next to nothing. be it a coctail joint kiss a little attention and against all odds i have made my way in this world. may i tip my hat to you this morning as i needed to be validated by a loving source that what i believe is possible can be real for me....i know it i don't know why i know it it just do. becky you have soothed the deepest wound in me today by sharing this. i have wiped the tears from my eyes an i remain standing tall...yes! no one can have my soul no one can destroy my dreams. thanks thanks thanks thanks................
truskoff () -- Saturday, June 28 1997, 05:00 am


The pen is mightier than the sword.
Kristen () -- Tuesday, August 5 1997, 05:00 am

Hi Backy...

Re-reading the calming ones...thanks, love K
Nightpoet () -- Monday, August 18 1997, 05:00 am

very good poem Becky....

sometimes Dreams can keep you going when reality turns the ever changing but almost always cold shoulder...
Kristen () -- Tuesday, August 19 1997, 05:00 am

Yes...the pagan priest

A new student I just met is 50 years old, grew up with severe learning disabilities in a catholic orphanage, was adopted by an elderly couple at 12, the father was ashamed of him, and let the boy know it, and he now, after 41 years of searching, has dedicated his life to the priesthood path...I and a friend here who is passionately good, will do all we can...this dream cannot die...cannot! He has given me such hope for fire of spirit...though I'm not Catholic and have extreme reservations about hierarchically structured organized Krishna has reminded me time and time again...the fire must, K
Dorothy () -- Sunday, July 1 2001, 05:00 am

Dorothy Fox

This is a very interesting song and content is very imaginative, I think this writer has a lot of talent and should go far. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing
Afg ( -- Sunday, March 4 2007, 11:24 pm

very nice poem

i want to use this poem for my enlish class
if its ok with u please
let me know
Dreamer aka Becky ( -- Sunday, March 4 2007, 11:48 pm


You have my permission just please remember to give me credit for my work .... enjoy
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