The Christmas Gift
24 December, 1997
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Two months before Christmas and all through the house
The daughter was screeching, even scaring the mouse
As the father sat in his favorite chair
The mother walked around pulling at her hair

Frazzled she knew for Christmas she must shop
But the fighting just drained her until she'd just drop
"No shopping this week" she said in despair
For she seeked peace in her world without care

Came one month before Christmas and still fighting galore
The mother was shouting "I will take no more"
The father sat quietly having a drink and a smoke
Christmas shopping this week "Yeah right...what a joke"

Two weeks before Christmas and still no gifts bought
In tears of frustration mother sat and she thought
Christmas is about Caring and a love filled heart
She couldn't help but wonder when her Christmas spirit would start

One week before Christmas and once again strain
With yelling and shouting the child continued to bang
With rhythms of anger she beat down mom's heart
Yes mother knows now ...Christmas shopping won't start.

Christmas is not about money or wanting or greed
It's about loving and sharing.... and need
As mother takes a stand wanting the fighting to cease
She only wants happiness, joy, loving, and peace

Maybe this Christmas a miracle can be
Not one in a gift wrapped under the tree
But maybe remembering where Christmas got start
From a little babe in a manger who's love was of heart

A gift of love given us from the Lord
Not just something to complain about when we're bored
He blessed us with a love so great
He gave us life... each other.. and this date
A day to be thankful for all that we have
Not a day of greedy thoughts of anger... of sad

Maybe next year we will all take a thought
In each others love, not presents un-bought
Perhaps maybe here a lesson is to be learned
Maybe for each other we should be more concerned

We are all that we have, and life is so short
So why all the fighting. It's not a sport
There will be no more of this hatred and pain
May this gift of a lesson be not in vain

As Christmas Day continues this year
I don't expect good tiding and cheer
But may God's love touch you today
And with true meaning, may Love make a way

And I heard mother exclaim as the day reached it's close
"May the true meaning of Christmas be what you know
And may the coming year be time to start anew
Remember Christmas is Because He Loves You!!!"

------- Author's Notes -------

Christmas and it's now materialistic nature brings on its own sorrows. Lost is the real reason for the season. The spirit of Unconditional Love. May all that read remember, its not what you buy or what you have or have not. It's what is in your heart that is the true spirit of Chrismas. In the immortal words of Tiny Tim "God Bless us everyone"


Comments on this poem/writing:

Reen () -- Friday, December 17 1999, 05:00 am


I wonder where and how Santa started to compete with Jesus.
Thank you for the reminder. The giving has to come from our hearts and not a complaining, overwhelming feeling of duty.
How can a gift EVER show a any person we love what is in our hearts for them the way God showed us when He sent Jesus. Thanks again
Hack ( -- Saturday, December 18 2010, 01:35 am

Thank you

Thank you for sharing with us. I would take mine every year. I was not alone. May the God's love encircle you and your through Christmas and the coming year.
Thank you.
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