The Realm Of Impossibilities
1 November, 1998
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Struggling in the realm of impossibilities
Once again I sit and wait
Quietness surrounds as a lonely clock ticks
Unwanted futures are all that is left
Living someone else's dreams
As mine get washed away
Further into the deep vast oceans of oblivion

Touches grow cold, as the temperatures drop
Alone and yet together we co-exist
What dreams are, get thrashed upon jagged rocks
And into the crashing surfs tide
Watching it for a while, I turn away
Broken and shattered wondering what tragedy has left

Only the "have to's" in life force movement
Drifting further into a languid pool of stillness
Savoring the quiet, absorbing the peace
Still unsure of what went wrong
And what is left.. that still is right

The Clock ticks on as minutes turn to hours
to days.. to months.. to years
Chasing dreams, yet standing still watching
As others lives seem to rush around me

I have no choices now, all taken from me
I walk, yet am asleep
I wonder what lies in wait for me now
Beneath the languid pools of stillness
Could it be the nothing that now absorbs me?
Or more monsters awaiting the perfect attack

Fearful, unmoving, yet silently crying out
A dreamer, a lost soul, a cowering child
Remnants of life's tragic abuses
Numb to the plights of once close friends
No longer the strength to offer the much needed support
they have grown to count on

No longer needed but for cleaning and feeding
I cease to exist
Yet a shell of me continues to walk in my shoes
A shadow of me going through motions
And I struggle in the realm of impossibilities
I silently move on through the faceless rushing crowd

Resistance is futile

------- Author's Notes -------

Some days we have to look deeper for the strength to go on... but go on, we must..


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