Thank-you Mom
9 May, 2001
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Mom I'd like to take a moment to tell you
It's important to have you near
You have given me strength and courage
To make it through all these years

Knowing I had somewhere to turn
When everything got me down
It's meant so much to have you here
Keeping my feet firm on the ground

You've cradled my heart with Mother's Love
Cherishing me everyday
Teaching me with your wisdom
And guiding me in every way

I know I don't usually take the time
To share with you all life's good parts
Or to tell you you're the perfect Mother
Or to Thank-you From my heart

So I am taking a moment of time right now
To let you know I care
You're appreciated in all you do for me
You make me feel like a millionaire

------- Author's Notes -------

I originally wrote this for my own mom. Over time so many of you have asked to use the poem I can't seem to answer your requests in a timely manner like I would like too. Soooo....

If you would like to use this poem for a single copy please feel free to use it. I ask that you please give me proper credit for my work. Please leave me a comment telling me how you are going to use it. I just like to know. Thanks to all of you for your great compliment to my work by sharing it with your own moms. I am honored :)


Comments on this poem/writing:

AJ ( -- Tuesday, September 17 2002, 09:15 pm


I really enjoyed this poem, because I have been looking for a way to express to my mom just how I feel about her! We haven't always been close, but she has done so much for me! I just wanted some permission to send this poem to her!
mohamed ( -- Monday, October 7 2002, 02:06 pm

can i use your poem please

hi there my name is mohamed and i would like to use your poem if you don't mine.. i really think that my mother will love it please can i use your poem again and i want to thank you for your work that you put it to this poem thank you again. please send me some more poem in to my email and my email is (SNIP)
mental ( -- Tuesday, October 15 2002, 03:49 am

mental's comment

hey nice work. i wish i could've said something to my mom like that and just somebody thanking there mom like that gives me satisfaction. thanks
Kabir Kang ( -- Wednesday, February 5 2003, 02:13 am


Can I use your poem if I switch around some words
Kabir Kang ( -- Friday, February 7 2003, 02:57 am


If you don't mind I would like to know what kind of changes.. Please write to my e-mail address that is at the bottom of this page and we can discuss this.
Karen ( -- Friday, February 21 2003, 07:23 pm

May I use your poem?

This poem is very beautiful. It says what I feel. I want to share this with my Mom who just turned 60.
Jamie cloutier age 11 time: 7:32 Pm 2003 04 26 ( -- Saturday, April 26 2003, 11:34 pm

This poem is genius

This poem made me cry. I know all these comments were good because of how everybody expressed themselves.
Roy ( -- Sunday, April 27 2003, 02:09 am


ya know mothers day is coming up and what a poem
ya know I sent it to mom Dreamer and by the way Thanks writer of anything
Paje Hall ( -- Tuesday, April 29 2003, 12:15 am

Permission Please

My moms birthday is in to days and I really havnt told my Mommy how I feal about her, and I know that you'r peom will be the best for her and me. So may I please use your poem
carol hart ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 05:21 pm

A Beautiful Poem

My son sent this to me at Mother's Day 2003. It is really beautiful. Thank you for letting him share it with me.
Dreamer aka Rebecca Ditch-Hammack ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 09:23 pm

Thank-you all

Thank-you all for your kind words on my poem Both from the mothers and the children who love them. And Carol if you are out there you scared the daylights out of me thinking I had somehow missed Mother's day this year..
Diane ( -- Wednesday, May 7 2003, 12:47 pm

no title

May I use you poem. I would like to frame it with a picture of my mom and I from my wedding day, as a Mothers Day gift.
Cindy ( -- Wednesday, May 7 2003, 08:45 pm

no title

Just wondering if I could use your poem to make a copy for my mom for mothers day.
Laura ( -- Thursday, May 8 2003, 08:39 pm


Hi umm can i use your poem for my mom??
Jennifer ( -- Friday, May 9 2003, 12:26 am

*Question Please*

Hi there, I love your poem. I am setting up a webpage to pay honor to my mother and would love to use your poem in it. Would this be ok?
Joel ( -- Saturday, May 10 2003, 01:19 am


Hello I am looking for a meaningful and sincere poem to give my mom and I will give u all the credit I jus want her to know how much I love her
Crystal ( -- Sunday, May 11 2003, 05:39 am

no title

It is a cute poem. It shows mothers how much they are truly loved.
Terry ( -- Sunday, May 11 2003, 04:21 pm

Can I

Can i copy this an give it to my mom?
Kabir Kang ( -- Sunday, May 18 2003, 07:50 pm

Nothin much

Not changes cause its bad. imean so it fits the occasion!
keira ( -- Friday, June 6 2003, 04:38 am

no title

this was a great poem. now I have a way to express my feelings to my mom at my graduation. June 8,2003
blk azn shorte ( -- Monday, August 11 2003, 05:16 pm

can i use ur peom

See im thai and we have a different mother day to our queen and there a big celebration and i was choose to read a peom and i choose urs cus i thought it touch my heart so may i use it
Ben ( -- Tuesday, August 12 2003, 12:34 am

Your Poem About Mom is......

Your poem about Mom is a loving one, Becky! I enjoyed reading it a couple of times. good work! Thanks.
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, August 14 2003, 04:52 pm

I'm sure you won't mind, Dreamer if...,

Mom has passed away, but I'm sure you won't mind, if, I give you credit for say waht I didn't say, when mom was her. So, I will send your poem, to my mom, in prayer.

No need to respond, I know, you would like for her to read it. Thank You Dreamer!
Maziah. ( -- Saturday, September 13 2003, 08:01 am

i love your poems

actually i love your poem very is wonderfull.i love poem.i've wrote many poems for my mum and also my dad.i even won as the best poetry,if you don't mind can learn from you how wright poems for my mum.please.
zakiah ( -- Saturday, September 13 2003, 08:41 am

your poems are amazing

i love daughter use to send me poems.sometimes she write it on her on.actually my daughter have even send me your poems once.i really enjoyed,i would like to tell you that your poems are lovely.....
kelsey ( -- Wednesday, October 1 2003, 12:04 am


i loved you poem! it was amazing. my mom's birthday is in 2 days and i wanted to know if i could use it please!
pinky joy ( -- Friday, October 3 2003, 04:18 am

nice poem

for the author you made a great job..good luck..
pinky cstr ( -- Friday, October 3 2003, 04:22 am

its great

it so nice to have mother that nevers forget to show their love to thier to the author i realy admire your poem..please continue your you
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, October 14 2003, 12:35 am

no title

could i use this poem to send to my mother,i hink is just the perfect one ...she is mad at me and i really need it
vicky ( -- Sunday, October 19 2003, 08:13 pm

no title

can i use your poem for my mothr on my 16th brithday thanks
tanya robinson ( -- Wednesday, October 22 2003, 12:40 am

no title

your poem is awesome it brought tears to my eyes i want to give this to my mom
kelly moran ( -- Wednesday, October 22 2003, 04:14 am

great work

i was just wondering if i could use your peom to give to my mum it explains everything i wont to say to her but can't get the words out.
vanessa . s. ( -- Friday, October 24 2003, 07:39 pm

it's perfect can i use it

it's perfect because it mean eltactly what i need to give my other mom that acts like a mom to me .
anonymous ( -- Friday, October 24 2003, 07:44 pm

no title

do you have any other poems like this because it's what i need . it make s tears come out of my eyes and i no my mom whenshe reads it that would too and we would have a better day
.... ( -- Sunday, October 26 2003, 04:08 am


Can I please use your beautiful poem?
Jenn ( -- Thursday, October 30 2003, 12:40 am

what an awsome poem may i use it please

i love this so much may i use it for my mother please?
mandy leong (, 1) -- Thursday, October 30 2003, 12:46 pm

What a fantastic peom!!

i really would like to use your poem....for My mum's birthday...please....
Mary ( -- Wednesday, November 5 2003, 06:06 am

Thank you for the perfect poem

My mother has level 4 ovarian cancer and was just told the cancer has spread to her spine and brain. She is the world to me and I am going to share this wonderful poem with her on my next visit this week-end. Our time together is so precious.
Chelsie ( -- Wednesday, November 12 2003, 11:12 pm


Hi i am a 13 year old who just lives with her mom.. my mom and dad got divorced 4 years ago.. and my mom has always been here for me.. i have been looking for a way to express how much i care about her so is it ok if i use your poem to give to her please..
Brooke ( -- Tuesday, November 25 2003, 08:18 pm


Please can i use your poem, it really shows how i feel about my mom too.
Kristina ( -- Wednesday, November 26 2003, 12:20 pm

no title

I would really love to use your poem because something big happened in my life in april this year and i want to thank my mum for being their for me. This poem is perfect!
Christina ( -- Wednesday, November 26 2003, 12:22 pm

no title

I would really love to use your poem because something big happened in my life in april this year and i want to thank my mum for being their for me. This poem is perfect!
Shannon ( -- Wednesday, November 26 2003, 02:19 pm

no title

I would really like to use your poem, its perfect
grace ( -- Thursday, November 27 2003, 08:04 am

Great poem

this is a touching poem and it really explained the relationship between me and my mum. do you mind if i use it as a thanksgiving poem for her??? thanks
Brock ( -- Saturday, November 29 2003, 04:11 am

Awesome poem

May i please use your poem to thank my mom for being there through all of the tough times that i have gone through in my lifetime. I really think that she would appreciate it. Thanks
ben ( -- Monday, December 1 2003, 01:23 pm

great poem

can i please use your poem?
alex ( -- Tuesday, December 2 2003, 01:52 pm


Hi I was just looking for a pome to use on a card that I have to make at school. My card is for my mom on her birthday. I came across this website a couple weeks ago, and when we were givin this assingment ( includes a pome) I thought of this website. I read many pomes but felt this one showed what i really wanted to say. May I Please use this pome?
Janine ( -- Friday, December 5 2003, 03:47 am

I am sending to my mother

this poem sums so much for and my mother thank you
LB ( -- Friday, December 5 2003, 05:08 pm


I'll be graduating here in a few months, and am putting together a thank you token for my parents and the poem you've written has pretty much summed up the appreciation that I would like to express to my mother. I would love to use your poem and frame it as part of her gift if you don't mind
Leslie ( -- Tuesday, December 9 2003, 08:02 am

just wanna say thank you to my mom

really awesome poem
Amy ( -- Sunday, December 14 2003, 03:10 am


Please let me use your poems.
Colleen Kingeekuk ( -- Thursday, December 18 2003, 10:49 pm

Acceptance of an Award

I am receiving an award from my employer tomorrow night. I received a phone call from the President of my agency. The award is very special. It is called the Matthew Iya Award. This award is given out to one employee in the agency every year to someone who is an outstanding employee. Someone who is dedicated in his/her job and who is very friendly. It is almost like an Employee of the Year award but there is a bigger meaning. I asked my parents to be there so I could thank them for all they've done for me!
Julie ( -- Sunday, December 21 2003, 07:36 am

no title

I am using this poem because my family has been through a lot this past year, with my Dad passing away. My mom has been working non-stop while trying to raise 4 kids. This poem is a perfect way to say "thank-you" to her.
amanda ( -- Sunday, December 21 2003, 11:25 pm

no title

Can I please use your poem to say thank you to my mum for all she has done for me
cheryl ( -- Tuesday, December 23 2003, 06:06 pm

no title

I'm using this poem to tell my Mother the things I should tell her everyday but just never seem to do.
alisha ( -- Tuesday, January 6 2004, 01:29 am

can i use ur poems

your poems are touchin and i would like to send then to my family
rebecca guy ( -- Tuesday, January 6 2004, 04:05 pm

can i please use your poem

Hi my name is rebecca guy and i live in nf ont i am 15 years old and i am in a foster home and my mom is moving to ottawa with my older brother so i was waundering if i could use ur poem to send it to her to telll her how i feel !
anonymous ( -- Wednesday, January 14 2004, 05:45 am

no title

can i sue your poem pleaseee
heather ( -- Tuesday, January 20 2004, 01:32 am

may i use your poem?

I really love your poem and I would love to share it with my mom
sheila plourde ( -- Saturday, January 24 2004, 02:33 am

permission please

please would you help me. to write a pome i never could, but i can really do crafts and i am into all of the lastest crafts too. but with words i'm not one. so please can you help? hope thank you.
BETH ( -- Thursday, January 29 2004, 04:12 pm


i Would like to use your poem to show my mom how greatful I am of her. I Am almost 19 and 7 1/2 months pregnant. My mom has been there everystep of the way and is even going to be my birthing partner!
Lucy Sellings ( -- Tuesday, February 3 2004, 04:59 pm

Thanks a Million

I am off travelling the world soon and she has been so supportive of my desision, and encouraged me every step, even though she wanted me near she never changed me mind and also all my parties she organised for my leaving do!! She is simply the best mother I could ask for. I love her dearly x
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, February 3 2004, 08:23 pm

no title

my i please use you pome for my dying mom she would love it please thank you amybeth <HR
<B>Jordan </B> (
Tammy ( -- Monday, March 29 2004, 06:26 am


Dreamer this is a beautiful poem....what a master piece to treasure!!!!
meagan ( -- Monday, March 29 2004, 07:56 pm

i love this poem

id like to know if i may send this poem to my mom she has been diagnosed with lukemia and id like to give this great poem to her to show her thats shes always ion my heart!
olaide ( -- Monday, April 5 2004, 02:19 pm

my mom

this is so graet
Sandi ( -- Monday, April 5 2004, 09:51 pm

Mothers Day

I was wondering if I could use this poem for a gift to my Mom for Mother's Day? I will give all credit to you. It's a really beautiful poem, thank goodness for people like you!!
ROD ( -- Tuesday, April 6 2004, 11:49 pm


Tessica ( -- Wednesday, April 7 2004, 05:11 pm

Wonderful Poem

Your pome is so wonderful that it touches my heart. You is a very good pome writer and thanks to you my mom loves your pome.
t ( -- Wednesday, April 7 2004, 05:28 pm

can i use your poem

i reall like it
Erica ( -- Thursday, April 8 2004, 09:18 pm

poem permissinom

I would like to know if i can use your poem for my mom on easter sunday! I thought it was really great and i enjoy it alot! Your aWEsome!
kristi ( -- Monday, April 19 2004, 06:24 pm

tank u

i just wanted 2 give this pome 2 my mom 4 mothers day.
charise ( -- Monday, April 19 2004, 06:29 pm

may I please use your pome.

this pome was really nice. It really touched my heart and woul really like it if i cold give it to my mom for mothers day. Thank you!
albertina ( -- Monday, April 19 2004, 06:45 pm

can i use yor poem, please

your poem is reallly goood. ifell like you wrote this poem looking in my heart, your poem reall touched me and i'm asking you if i can give it to my mom. thank you!
albertina ( -- Monday, April 19 2004, 06:47 pm

can i use yor poem, please

your poem is reallly goood. it fells like you wrote this poem looking in my heart, your poem really touched me and i'm asking you if i can give it to my mom. thank you!
sarah ( -- Tuesday, April 20 2004, 02:10 pm

May I Please use Your Poem?

Hey i really enjoyed reading your poem it was very sweet and straight to the point i would like to print this out and give it to my mom so I would like to know if thats okay?
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, April 20 2004, 10:25 pm

no title

Mom Johnson Rich Magill
F.L ( -- Thursday, April 22 2004, 02:03 am

Great poem..... wonderful

I lloved your poem. I can say that this is one of the best poems rhat I have ever read. Because its all that I want to say to my mom and more.
lindsey ( -- Friday, April 23 2004, 12:17 am

no title

I really like ur poem and i was wondering if i could give it to my mom for mothers day if thats ok. you are really talented, keep writing!
ROBIN ( -- Tuesday, April 27 2004, 05:45 pm


ruth ( -- Thursday, May 20 2004, 05:18 pm


I really enjoyed reading your poems especially about mothers cause they are truly special
anna ( -- Saturday, June 26 2004, 06:10 pm

no title

may i use ur pome to give it to my mom
PRESIANNA ( -- Saturday, June 26 2004, 06:13 pm


Amber ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 04:19 pm

love it

ummm it was a very nice pome i loved it i think i will gib=ve it ot my mom thank you its good i hope you wright more.......
lil_hazel_eyes210 ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 04:21 pm

it was cute

it was nice i really fall in love with it thank you
joyce ivy ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 05:06 pm


thanks for sharing you beautiful poem...I t is very heartfelt, so touching...Says the things I whis I could say to my mother if she were still here...But like Martin I will send it her way...I know she would like it as do I...thank you for sharing your write...I would like to add it to my site...just to share with friends and family.if it is's a beautiful read...thank you Joyce
TOM ( -- Thursday, February 24 2005, 10:38 am

no title

Can I Please use your poem for my mum she is not well and I would like to let her know how much I love her cause she has done so much for me I would just like to say Thank you to my mum for everything she has done for me so please.
Lana ( -- Thursday, February 24 2005, 10:42 am


Can I pleaseuse your poem to show my mum how much I love her
Becky ( -- Thursday, February 24 2005, 12:10 pm


Yes you may.
Rhonda ( -- Monday, February 28 2005, 02:18 pm


can i use ur poem my mom is about to die and i need that its the best poem ive ever heard it made me cry
sarah ( -- Tuesday, March 1 2005, 09:40 am

love it

i love your poem and think it has so muck meaning
Karyn ( -- Sunday, March 6 2005, 12:56 am

good job i luv it

Can I use your pome as part as my mom`s b- day gift
Casey Jo Dukes ( -- Wednesday, March 9 2005, 05:17 pm


This poem Is everything that I have wanted to say to my mother! I am making a powerpoint presentation of me and my fiance growing up, and I am going to show it at my wedding I would appriciate it very much if you gave me permission to use your poem! Thank you
natalie mcardle ( -- Friday, March 18 2005, 02:37 am

It's a wonderful poem

My Mum looked took care of me for four years while I was on chemo. She sold all her jewellery etc to put me through boarding school (we had no highschool for 300kms) and used the money her parents left her to help me through uni. I now have another type of cancer & am having it operated on next week. Mum can't come with me as she has to work and I would like to give her your poem to let her know I love & appreciate her more than my own words could say. I would like to put the poem in a frame for her and of course name you as the author.
Lauren ( -- Saturday, April 2 2005, 08:06 pm


i really enjoyed you poem! my grandad died this week so i decided 2 give my mom a poem to show her i care and yours really helped thanks again there gr8! luv lauren xx
adam ( -- Monday, April 4 2005, 02:25 am

no title

it is good
whitney ( -- Wednesday, April 6 2005, 02:23 pm

great title

I would love to give this poem to my mother for graduation
ciara ( -- Wednesday, April 6 2005, 09:20 pm

no title

may i use this poem for my mother birthday
Abigail ( -- Saturday, April 9 2005, 07:23 pm

Great, meaningful poem

it is my mum's 40th birthday, i am 14 and i just want my mum to know how much i love her, we are organising a surprise party and i would like to read it out, it would be such a honour.
deseria ( -- Monday, April 11 2005, 01:50 am


Hi I am deseria and i was wondering in i can ues this pome to give to my mom for mothers day. it says all the right thinds
whitney ( -- Wednesday, April 13 2005, 04:14 pm

can i use this please

i really liked this poem its soooo sweet
Ashely ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 05:39 pm

I really like this poem

I really like your poem and I will give you all of the credit but I thought it would be sweet to give to my Mom. Can I please use your poem?
Billie Jo McGinnis ( -- Tuesday, April 26 2005, 02:46 pm

Great Poem

Can I send this poem to my mom?
Carlie Peacock ( -- Friday, April 29 2005, 12:25 am

My Mom That is there for me

This is a great poem my mom has been in the hospital alot over the years and she still is going and she does anything for me and my sister so plz can i use your poem????
stacey ( -- Saturday, April 30 2005, 08:57 pm


hi! I was Just wondering if you would give me permission to write this poem inside a card i made for my mum to tell her i love her. I tried making a poem myself but im only 14 and it were'nt no good! I love this it comes from the heart.
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, May 1 2005, 02:45 am

Another day without Mum

as i sat here readin' your words tears started running down , mum was always there when i needed a friend to talk to .and today was one of those days i needed her,another day without here doesn't bring me any release, yet after readin' this i felt her reading over my shoulder, i could feel her brush my hair with her soft long fingers and place it in a ponytail as i could hear her say you always have a friend in me..i'm always here....just close your eyes and feel..thank you Becky for this i needed to shedd a few make room for many more.
Krystle ( -- Tuesday, May 3 2005, 10:24 pm

I love it

I write poems to and your poem was deep. good work
Krystle ( -- Tuesday, May 3 2005, 10:26 pm

I like it

I was wondering could I use your poem to give to my mom on mothers day, I have been needing a ways to tell her How I feel, can I please us it?
lucy ( -- Thursday, May 5 2005, 03:59 am


its great
lashonda ( -- Friday, May 6 2005, 05:31 pm

I love it, like it, and thank you for it

I like it, it really make me thank my mom for what she did for me when I read it.
jennifer ionie ( -- Saturday, May 7 2005, 04:11 pm

no title

can i please use ur poem for a mothers day gift for my mom?
anonymous ( -- Saturday, May 7 2005, 04:54 pm

no title

can i please use your poem for amothers day gift for my mom?
Rachel Anderson ( -- Saturday, May 7 2005, 07:44 pm

May I...?

I love your poem, i am making a poem book for my mom for mothers day. I too rite poems but i really liked yours so i wanted to add it in there. I want it to be special for my mom, its the last mothers day i will have with her, i am moving to FL. Thank you...
Jastanie ( -- Sunday, May 8 2005, 02:19 am

how iam goning to use it

yes i would like to use yor poetic i would like to give it to my mom thaink you so much
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, May 8 2005, 04:15 pm

Happy Mothers Day!!!!( a daughters love shared )

came back to read ,and share with all to read and feel what i feel and felt the need to feel on this very day, because these words allow me to feel what it felt like to have had a mom ,and be a mom. all thoughts and feelings captured within' just love the feel of these words..thank you!!!HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU TOO!!!
Amy Franchek ( -- Tuesday, May 17 2005, 09:17 pm

Just the right words...

May I use your poem? I'd like to read it to my mom at her 60th birthday bash in front of her 200 friends and family. I may change a few words or add some.... is this ok?
Thanks Amy-San Diego
Thaovi ( -- Saturday, May 21 2005, 02:25 am

Please can I use your poem?

My mom's birthday is 3 days away and i want to give her a beautiful poem, and yours is so wonderful. My i please use your poem?
jones in texas ( -- Saturday, May 21 2005, 03:10 am


i just wanted to tell my mom thank you and you said it perfectly thanks for thinking all the right things.
Danielle ( -- Monday, June 13 2005, 02:56 pm


i was wondering if you can write a poem for me to my mother.. My name is danielle and i am 19yrs old and i just moved back with her 3years ago after 8years of living without her as well as my brother and sister and since then we have been through soo much together and it has been a lot of hard times.i love my mother so much and i am happy to be with her again. all the trouble i put her through she has always loved me the same and always on my side. Thankyou
nikolina zoric ( -- Saturday, July 2 2005, 11:05 am


i just want to thank my mother
nicole ( -- Saturday, July 2 2005, 11:05 am


i just want to thank my mother
Deanna ( -- Friday, July 8 2005, 05:54 pm

very sweet

Can I please use you poem to send to my mom.
She would really love it. You did a great job.
Nikki ( -- Tuesday, July 12 2005, 11:27 pm

wow awsome!!!!

may i use your poem i never really got to say thank you to my mom because she died in 2004 so i would like to put this bury this by her grave thanks a ton
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, July 12 2005, 11:33 pm

may i use your poem

its all my mother is to me and i love that now i can show her that i love her and really does thank her for everything she has done for me in my life
Ann ( -- Wednesday, July 13 2005, 06:26 pm

Very beautiful

I would love to be able to write beautiful poetry like this, you are very talented.
miranda ( -- Tuesday, August 2 2005, 10:11 pm

loved it

i loved your poem i sent it to my mom
Lameez ( -- Friday, August 12 2005, 09:56 am

It's a wonderful poem

My mom & i haven't spoke for about 3months & i really need to say thanxs to her.. Every year i do something wrong & she's there for me...This poem really touched a soft spot...
Nikki ( -- Monday, August 29 2005, 08:28 pm

May i use your poem

The reason i want to use your poem is because i have a wonderful mother that has been there for me when i had my son and everything in between, and also I thought that it would be a great b-day present for her!!
carron emmett ( -- Friday, September 9 2005, 11:21 am

beacuse i love her to much

i love my mum shes beern there when i need her shell never let me down and i thought it would be a great prezzi for her silver anaversery!!!!
heidi ( -- Monday, September 19 2005, 12:03 pm

i just need to tell my mom stuff i never tell her

i love your poame it is so alsome i been looking for a poame for along time things
Brenna ( -- Thursday, September 29 2005, 10:55 pm

Please Can I Use Your Poem

Can I Use Your Poem To Give To My Mom
Tanya ( -- Wednesday, October 12 2005, 04:18 am

Can i Pretty Please use your poem

my mom has lung and brain cancer it has happen so fast she is only 50 years old i love your poem and i would like to share it with her thank you
Sharee Sok ( -- Thursday, October 13 2005, 08:16 pm


I really love this poem and I would like to share it with my mother, I could not have read anything better to tell her!
anonymous ( -- Thursday, October 27 2005, 08:21 pm


I'd like to use your poem because it actually describes the way I feel about my mother.I just want her to know that I love her and care about her, eventhough I don't show it that often
becky ( -- Monday, October 31 2005, 05:03 am

beyond wonderful

i loved it it explained me and my mother
aaron ( -- Sunday, November 6 2005, 09:41 pm


i really like your poem and i am going to use ideas from it on an upcoming english project. We have to make a poem or speech thanking someone in our lives and i chose my mum. Thank-you for sharing this poem with me.
Chan ( -- Sunday, December 4 2005, 05:48 am

It's Heart-Touching

Can I use your poem for my mom's 60th birthday party? You're a great writer. You have touched so many people through your poem.
Jennifer ( -- Tuesday, December 13 2005, 04:08 am

"You took the words right out of my mouth"

I would like to thank you for letting me use the poem, when i read it, it was like you where me and you knew exactly how i felt! I am giving my mom this poem for her 50th birthday, because i am at the age where we aren't always together and we both have our own life now, and i wouldn't have the life i have today if it wasn't for my mom! Your a great writer. Your real and that's the best thing a person can be. So thanks again for writing such a beautiful poem!!
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, December 13 2005, 06:01 am


Wow! Your poem has the most comments I've ever seen. This has to be a classic, a super great poem. Thanks for sharing your poem.
Kelsey S ( -- Friday, December 16 2005, 11:40 pm

can I

Can i use your poem for my own mother.
Leigh ( -- Wednesday, December 21 2005, 09:40 pm

Thats nice!

This pome is so sweet who did you do it thats awsome keep up the good work.
Leimekia aka Bre ( -- Thursday, January 26 2006, 06:43 pm

I Like Your Poem

Hi thisis ome of the most wonderful poem that a mama can read
Jessica ( -- Tuesday, February 7 2006, 03:25 am

I liked your poem

Iliked your poem and I wanted to present this to my mother to thank her for all that she has done for me the poem was so sweet. Thank you
kenny chandler ( -- Thursday, March 30 2006, 07:15 pm

can i use your poem please and thank you

hi i really love your poem it is beautiful.. thank you
Sitaara ( -- Thursday, April 13 2006, 06:15 pm

Can I Use Your Poem Please?

Please may i use your poeom as it would really mean alot to my mum that I show that I love her because we are going through a very tough time (my dad, my teenage years, her work and how we are low on money and might have to sell the house. Anyway so I would appreiciate it very much if you would let me use the poem! Thank you very much and I think that your work is very good!
no name ( -- Wednesday, May 10 2006, 12:10 am


may i use your poem please!
kyla granger ( -- Monday, May 22 2006, 05:43 pm

may i use your poem

it inspired me
cassie ( -- Sunday, July 23 2006, 09:56 pm

my moms return home

I spent forever trying to find a poem for my step mom, the only mom I've ever know, and this was perfect thank you so much for sharing
hilary duff ( -- Tuesday, August 8 2006, 02:38 pm

rOmAnTiC aCrOnYmS...

i like youre poem
marithea ( -- Tuesday, August 8 2006, 02:40 pm

my mom's birthday

can i use youre poem pls and thank you..
Deborah ( -- Tuesday, August 22 2006, 12:24 pm

It tells my story

Rebecca, Thank you for such a lovely poem and for the permission to use it. I plan on giving it to my mum for her 60th birthday
MIKE ( -- Wednesday, September 6 2006, 08:55 pm


gemma ( -- Wednesday, September 27 2006, 01:08 pm


hi ive read your poem is it possable so i can use it to give my mum? thank you x
chea ( -- Sunday, December 10 2006, 06:38 am


dats dat ima dedicate it to my mama
Annie ( -- Sunday, January 28 2007, 05:22 pm

thank you

I have just left my home town and am moving abroad to work. although i have not lived with my mum for years, she has always been close by, and now she will be a long way away! I would like to thank you and let you know i will be using your poem to send to my mum to let her know i am thinking of her always!
smiley ( -- Friday, May 11 2007, 01:41 am


hi can i please use your poem im only 12 and twelve years old usually hate thier momz but i dont i love her with all my heart can i use your poem please please!!!

(authors note: yes)
sairah ( -- Sunday, May 13 2007, 02:52 am

can i use your poem to give to my mom

plz can i use your poem to give to mi mom om mothers day??? pretty pretty please
Becky ( -- Sunday, May 13 2007, 03:07 am


Sagine Bredy ( -- Tuesday, June 12 2007, 12:31 am


Hey my name is Sagine and i want to know if i can use your poem so i can tribute it to my mother on the day of my class night. And I would like to know do you have other poems that i can tribute to my mother for the things she done for me through the 4 years of my high school.
kaylene ( -- Thursday, June 21 2007, 03:35 pm

my i use this pome

this i a perfect pome 4 my mom its my birhtday today and i want to show her ho much i care 4 her and apreciate her 4 every thin she did 4 me , thankyou ,kaylene
Rebecca ( -- Friday, June 22 2007, 09:48 am

May I pass this Beautiful poem on

to my mom for her 59th birthday? It is so fitting and I would think it would be an honor to use your poem...Thank you and God Bless
crystal ( -- Sunday, June 24 2007, 08:17 am

i love your poem

i love your poem and i will love to show it to my mother so can i use your poem
Shelly ( -- Sunday, June 24 2007, 05:21 pm

this poem

this poem says everything i want to say to my mom... perfect.
Deana ( -- Wednesday, July 18 2007, 01:23 pm


Your poem is everything I wanted to say to my mother...may I use it
Rae ( -- Friday, July 27 2007, 11:43 am

From the Heart

I would be honoured to use your poem as my mom has done so much for me while I've been ill, not worrying about her own problems. She's the only one who has truly been there for me and always will be, thankyou x
jennifer ( -- Thursday, August 2 2007, 01:59 am


hey i really liked our poem and i whould like to read it to my mom the day of my 16 witch are comming up in a few mounths may i please use your speach ill be sure cridet your wonderfull work
Tara ( -- Monday, November 19 2007, 03:02 am


I would really like to use your poem so I can read it to my mother. Her birthday is coming up and my sister and I are making a poetry book. We would really like your poem to be in it.
Rebecca ( -- Friday, November 30 2007, 12:31 am


I would like to use your peom for my mother in law as she has done so much for us... It is such a nice peom... You are very talented.
karin ( -- Friday, March 28 2008, 05:59 pm

i would like to use this peom for my mom 60th bday

could i use your peom for my moms 60th birthday
Stacey ( -- Friday, May 30 2008, 02:48 am

May i please borrow your poem

I love your poem and i wanted to recite it to my mother at my fifteenth birtday party. i know she has worked hard trying to make me the perfect party. everything your poem says it is exactly what i want her to know.
scarlett ( -- Tuesday, July 8 2008, 05:32 pm

please could i use your poem

me and my mum went through alot together its now her wedding but at the start of the speech I would like to use your poem to show her I love her !!
Becky ( -- Tuesday, May 5 2009, 02:12 pm

I would like to use your poem

I am going to put it on the bulletin board for Mother's day; I take care of the board at my church, and I think many will enjoy it.
Terrye* ( -- Tuesday, May 5 2009, 11:15 pm

permission to copy and paste your Poem......

Becky , i have a group of young ladies that come over every Friday night, for Gurlz night, i'd like permission from you copy and paste some copies ,as a project for my girls to frame (along with your name as it appears here ) so they can present it to their moms for mothers day...THANK YOU IN ADVANCE...
Name:                                           Remember Me

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