Gift Of Sight
5 April, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I see you there as you lay in the darkness
An aching overcomes me
I long only to touch you
To feel your warmth upon my fingertips
I wish to feel your kisses upon my yearning lips

I watch you as a ghost in some dream
A feeling or passing thought to you
As I brush a tendril of your hair away from your face
I am but a breath of air upon you.
A passing comfort of a slight breeze

Oh my heart.. my Love
Just for once if it be more then just a glimpse of you
To feel your breath upon my neck
For you to know my touches upon you
If only fate would be so kind

Instead I remain a passing mist
Something you feel inside but can't see
A voice you think you hear
A touch you believe to be imagination
How can I be anymore

I want you so as I linger near
To taste just once your kisses
To just once see your eyes looking at mine
Knowing me, recognizing me
As more then some mystical shape

Yet fate unfair, lets me only have this
A glimpse into the forbidden
A sight not mine to see
A shadow in the distance
Leaving only a painful longing

I ache to make it real
To touch your flesh to mine
To hear you awaken and call my name
To know that I am not just a dream
But in reality a silent watcher

If only there was a way for you to see me here
As I stand at the foot of your slumber
A stray light hits my single tear
As I fade back to where I belong
I recognize the gift of sight ...yet I do it alone

------- Author's Notes -------

Some gifts, taken for granted are blessed...
But in their blessing the pain of their existence can be un-equaled


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