The Mission
13 June, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Together we walk hand in hand through the darkened streets
In silence we share thoughts
The creatures of the night stagger by
Leading themselves to their unknown destinations

The Night so different than the day
The Gothics are dressed
In the dark and pale costumes of provocative splendor
They stand uncomfortably among the dancing natives

The music in loud strains of heavy metal feeling
Bites through to the soul
The drink lessens the control of
nearly always self controlled people

The darkness splits for a time as a single act appears
delicate and wispy the ballerina moves across the small stage
Crossing the barrier of the beauty to that of fiery death
She slits her wrists and divides herself

Sparks fly high above from her like fireworks
Entrails bleeding amongst the cheers of onlookers
Interpretations of violence
As she, covered in dramatic blood bows, the darkness returns

Watching a friend joins in the revelry of the night
Evolving into the music lead creatures
He too is absorbed into the head banging dance
of so many freedoms released

Standing aside we watch
as creatures pass in parade of the macabre paradise
The swirling bodies meld together blending into the scene
We know we don't belong ...yet linger still for a while


Out on the streets once again
the creatures of the night stagger
Occasional maniacal laughter is heard amongst them

A girl rushes by escaping from a man who declares his love for her
With pants down around his ankles playfully calling after her
he runs half naked down the road

While still trying to contain the laughter of disbelief
another sound is heard as a person behind hits the pavement
falling to the ground embarrassed, he cries out his pain

With cobblestones underfoot we trod onward
trying to forget the discomfort of the the legs
we climb yet another hill

The night creatures gather for food
more seems to hit the trash than the mouth but the trials were worthy
Finally in rescue from the strange evenings journey
a black car pulls round

Eyes meet in knowing as thoughts are shared
Hard to believe the creatures would soon fade
back into the norm with the coming light

But they do......

------- Author's Notes -------

Though the days are always normal and filled with people, the night life is different, darker, and brings out many contrasts in a place. Sometimes so different you wonder if it is another world you have joined. Yet with its macabre events it is still part of the full experience of life, and the people that live day to day amongst the norm


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