Fable Of Love's Tree
27 July, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Her heart touched his
A seed was planted
And sprung forth a wonderful tree
With many fruits of passion
Each heart shaped leaf the decree

At first it was watered daily
It grew at a rapid rate
Fertilized and nurtured
It's beauty became the bait

They enjoyed the shade together
Picnicking beneath its branches each day
But somehow they became lazy
And their tree couldn't live that way

For weeks there was no nourishment
As they went along in their hurried lives
With no food or water
The Tree began to feel the strife

The heart shaped leaves became withered
And the fruit lost its flavor
They hardly even noticed
For they had no time, it's love to savor

And as the weeks turned to months
The leaves dropped off one by one
It stood there alone and dying
And they wondered what went wrong

Together they walked to their tree
Nearly dead its branches drooped
They knew their busy lives were as empty
And together they both stooped

He the hoe, and she the hose
They tried to save their tree
Each giving part of themselves
Trying to fill the needs

Each day they worked together
They prayed it wasn't too late
To save what once was so lovely
What once had felt so great

Slowly the tree sprouted new growth
Together they rejoiced
Thankful for new beginnings
Thankful they made the right choice

Together they stand beneath the tree
Heart shaped leaves now full over their heads
Eating of its nectar filled fruits
But before leaving.. their tree is fed

------- Author's Notes -------

A simple Fable actually...

The Moral:
No love can survive without taking time for nourishment


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