The Know-it-all
16 September, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A need to feel useful, to make a difference
To save a person from wasting the time making the mistakes in life.
The know-it-all survives
Not for self, but for the aid of others.. an end result

Living from the hard learned mistakes in Life they go on
Trying only to share in the wisdom they have learned along the way.
But to know avail, for those who benefit most close their ears
Sad state for the knowledge is lost

Helpless and unable to speak silenced of what they've learned
Quietly they close that once open door of their heart
Afraid to share any more as it might interfere
And in their silence they cry... unneeded

Left for no purpose but to observe
The most simple answers get overlooked
But silenced, they no longer speak, but watch
Wishing but to help.. they turn away

What is the need for the knowledge if there is no want
No one cares of opinions
No one wants to hear
No one cares

Just pick up what is left
Let me cry to you
But no 'I told you sos' escape
Just compassion

Understanding of the pains
Sadness for the unspoken words
Void of usefulness The Know-it-all sits
Alone... in the silence of their mind


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meri ( -- Monday, September 19 2011, 09:01 pm

Reminds me of

Being set in your ways and not being able to tell some people anything.

So true Dreamer.
Dreamer ( -- Tuesday, September 20 2011, 12:35 am

I remember....

I remember when I wrote this, a friend had hurt my feelings after I suggested we not go too close to the beach during spring break.. I told her it wouldn't be as she remembered upon a mid year visit she had previously. When we got there she was really disappointed.. I didn't say anything but just looked at her and she said "it must be nice to be a Know-it-all". I just shut my mouth and later wrote this poem..
Meri ( -- Tuesday, September 20 2011, 02:37 am


What she said was unnecessary. What was the basis for that response?

Regardless of the situation, sometimes us humans are the greatest source of inspiration. What you wrote just seemed to flow.
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