Defecation Of The Norm
4 November, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Naked you stand before the norm
Trying to explain you're no different
No one tries to listen
So you're still misunderstood

Lashing out for the attention
Not a passing phase
Destruction of a youthful mind
Coherent yet not sane

In your difference you seek to understand
Yet in theirs, they cause you grief
So now you strive to be left alone
Now all you want is peace

Ostracized by your peers
You walk amongst the strange
Each day you walls get higher
Each day your self-esteem fades

You walk through your existence
Mere zombie of who you could be
Held back by societies "norms"
And they wonder what made you explode

------- Author's Notes -------

Maybe teaching the "normal" kids to live with the differences of people is the answer; excepting people for who they are. It's not always the picked on kids that are wrong. Trying to make the "child of difference" conform causes anger. It only increases to know that it is right to care for other feelings, when the "normal kids" don't care about theirs. Isn't picking on another person for their differences considered a "hate crime" in other areas of life. Just something to think about as the intelligent "norms" seek answers to the youths anger. When they cry "It's just not fair".


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