Un-wanted Child
18 April, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Quietly he sits and obeys
Afraid to say what he wants to say
That he be sent once again
To another home far away

Tossed about he has no home
First here than there, all alone
Doesn't anyone love him enough
To give him a place, no more to roam

He makes his new friends just to say good bye
Sent to his room he goes with a sigh
"Come stay with us, we love you"
but it's all just a big lie

He tucks himself in alone each night in his bed
Lonely, unwanted he thinks of the life he's lead
"What's wrong with me that they send me away"
He sobs into his arms and then covers his head

He rises again to face a new day
As he tucks his tear stained pillow away
He looks in the mirror, stands there and prays
That this is the place he'll finally get to stay

------- Author's Notes -------

Little children are switched around from parent to parent and then back again. Mother's boyfriends come and go. With violence and anger each time she moves him to a new place. She is depressed so she sends him to daddy. Daddy's new wife doesn't want him around. "Inconvenient" she says.
But what is the damage the child's security, to his self-esteem? What about his wants his needs? ...and can his heart ever truly be mended? Suffer the children, for their parents sins...


Comments on this poem/writing:

Becky ( -- Monday, July 15 2002, 02:55 am


It is very sad that many children have to suffer like this. God never intended for anyone to go through emotional pain. Only He can provide complete healing. It is my prayer that people who do this to these innocent children will become more compassionate.
Chloe ( -- Tuesday, October 8 2002, 07:05 pm

I agree

Hi i've read your poem and i love the way every thing is true i know about the feeling that go round in childrens heads that are moved from place to place i had a friend who told me every thing she felt you put it all in. im hoping the person who had this happen wasnt you i would hate for everyone with your tallent would have to go through that!
Dreamer () -- Wednesday, October 9 2002, 01:19 am

Wasn't me

This one wasn't about me but about a little boy that belonged to a friend of mine's husband. An inconvenience to his mother and unwanted by his stepmother. I wanted to take him in and love him myself.
Craig ( -- Friday, October 24 2003, 07:04 pm

Change the law

There are many unwanted children - and many people who want to have a child - single people who are succesful, have professional stable jobs and good incomes - who would love to have a child - to raise with great educations, - good clothes food, toys etc etc - however because of the TOO STRICT adoption lawas cannot adopt a child - because one - the parent has to be married - or pay thousands of dollars to an adoption organisation and be under idiocratic scrutiny from welfare organisations etc etc - change the laws and allow good people like me - who would love to have a child - tolove - to spoilt - to educate - to make it easier for children to be given to more people - instead of just left abandoned or swapped around by foster parents etc
amanda steder ( -- Saturday, November 15 2003, 05:32 am

my life

that poem is all about my life. keep up the great work!
heaven ( -- Friday, March 12 2004, 02:24 am


i love it!!i went through that 4 like 2 months and then finally got sent to live wit my grandma.u write good.heaven
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