Ticking Of Dreams
30 April, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I sit alone night after night
The only comfort is in the continual ticking
The clock reminds me of the solitude
A silence deafening to the mind

Yet in the quietness a small thought prevails
As a dream cries out
It too is quiet at first
But the call grows in volume

From the tiny thought, another world begins
A race of thought and colors mesh together
As a new place develops
I am lost in a world of dreams

For the moment anything is possible
Flying through the air a freedom so sweet
Going everywhere and nowhere at once
I feel the wind blow through my hair

Above the world of disbelief I fly
Soaring while the others below mock me
I watch them uncaring, as they point and stare
I know they don't really understand

The flight continues over places unknown
I land and walk along a golden field of sunshine
Content with everything around me
But I realize I have changed

A pure white mare snorts slightly breathing deep the air
My long mane blowing wildly in the wind
Standing on the high hill I feel the breeze
Strange and wonderful scents of nature all around

I again sense the freedom and gallop off
Like the wind, I travel everywhere and nowhere
It seems no real destination is in mind
Only the sweet scent of freedom

Suddenly the scent has changed, I fear
Head held high in the air
I see the brightness of the sun
and it blinds me

The colors swirl in the play of light
I blink hard to close it out to no avail
I squint to its dizzying brightness
As it dissolves into a whirling of darkness

Sparks of light play in the darkness
and they speak to me
I don't understand what they say
But I feel safe, secure, warm and I belong

I now must leave to return to the "once before"
The world surrounding me of magical shimmering changes again
I am falling, faster and faster until there comes the sound
I open my eyes... once again I'm alone with the ticking


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