Memory Of Your Kiss
2 June, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


The moment with you is now past
As the flavor of you is still fresh upon my lips
I can still feel the movement of my heart
As the heat of my passion eases
Filled with the want and need of you

I relax to the reality of what is ours
And what can never be
Yet still my heart beats for you
The yearning of my loins cry out for you
But still, I resist

I feel the hunger subside as the animal inside calms
Yet like a tiger I lie in wait
To pounce at the first chance with you
Patiently my eyes watch you move
Memorizing you, Longing to reach out

I dare not speak, that my words give me away
So I close my eyes to what is not mine to have
Yet, it does not still my heart
Nor does it lesson my desire

Feeling comfort in the time we have
My emotions linger in the purgatory of choice
Heaven close enough to touch
Though, I dare not try

I fear that should our eyes meet
That the truth would be known
No longer would the feelings be hidden deep
But yelled out from the highest hill
So even the stars in the sky would know

My heart jumped as your hand brushed mine
Sending shivers thrilling my soul
I held my tongue of what I longed to say
Closing my eyes I fall to sleep,
Even the dreams hold you close
Even there my heart won't rest

A tear falls in want
Another falls in need
A stream now forms for what cannot be
A river flows for the past memory
I know you too need as we try not to touch

I lick my lips remembering your flavor
The heat of the kiss I stole from you
To which your lips hungrily replied
I close my eyes to remember
I close my eyes to the lie

Yet the desire remains and I await
For another brush of your hand
As I have let the fire of you brand me
And the memory of your kiss
Burns deep


Comments on this poem/writing:

Jillian and Jen Ben ( -- Sunday, July 9 2000, 05:00 am

We would like to tell you.

our best friend, kate, sent this poem to her boyfriend, josh. the poem was touching and really got to us. it churned my soul till it couldn't be churned any more! umm...what else? oh, yeah, umm... if and when we have a lover we will read this to them constantly with passion. goodbye lover boy
Barb ( -- Friday, July 14 2006, 09:48 pm


what happened? this writing doesn't sound like the becky I've read.
It was good I just meant I've never read raw passion from you before.
were you younger when you wrote this lol:)))))
Becky ( -- Friday, July 14 2006, 10:33 pm


sometimes we all get caught up in our dreams. Guess I just had paper and pen at the right time with this one..
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