Damn The Dragons
26 June, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Damn the dragons
Breathing smoke from their almost invisible pits
Always reminding me of my past
Of my most human flaws

How dare they rear their ugly heads
Once again reminding me of my faults
The inadequacy of attaining perfection's call
Reopening the wounds long past

The putrid fumes of smoke fill my lungs
Overwhelming me with the feeling of the unknowing
Dare I breath again.. Will it all be gone
Or am I just fighting windmills

The heat of its fiery breath burns inside
Scorching the beauty that was supposed to be
Taking away the joy that life has offered
With memories of a wretched past

Damn the dragons
Destroying all that was good in the heart
Who are they to steal what had been created
Again I shall turn.. I close my eyes.. and re-start

------- Author's Notes -------

The past has a way of creeping up on you sometimes.. Just be strong, hold your head high and walk away...


Comments on this poem/writing:

Dreamer () -- Thursday, June 29 2000, 05:00 am

Kristen You make me...

Smile. No hero worship hehe.. you never fail to leave a smile accross my face :)
Even in the smoke of all the dragons :) Love B
Kristen () -- Thursday, June 29 2000, 05:00 am

Love This One...

...sweetie, and all your dragon pieces. Thankful to have you on my side, though I promise,
no hero worship ;) ! Adore you, K
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