Hero's Journey
28 June, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


You wish to walk in the footsteps of another
Their path you see as a perfect road
Modeling yourself in their image
But would you really want to carry their load

Hard to be upon the pedestal
Appearing perfect in every way
Heaven forbid you ever fall off
Watching every moment what you say

You see it as freedom but its a mere facade
In truth homemade prisons with invisible bars
Closing the doors and locking away
The truth of the matter... it's really bazaar

Alone in a world afraid to need
Never admitting your human faults
Can't stray from what is expected
Locked away in some emotional vault

Don't pattern your dreams relying on me
As your mentor, your hero, only friend
I don't pattern the journey to guide you along
For the true hero's journey is within

------- Author's Notes -------

It's always easy to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. To rely on others to follow and give you guidence. Though no one is perfect and no one can know what is best for you except you. It's a hard road to follow when everyone depends on you to be there for them all the time. No one is perfect or lives in a the perfect world. There's no such thing.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Kristen () -- Thursday, June 29 2000, 05:00 am

And The Irony...

of it all is that often they only see what they need to see, as a student of mine who was sure
he was in love with me, particularly my "innocence"( that got Ng laughing!) Sadly, hero worship
is a kind of not-seeing, a self absorption...great poem sweets. Love,K
Linda ( -- Wednesday, June 25 2003, 04:45 am

we never really know...

You just never realize the burden each heart really bears. Look to a higher power for help with your daily grind!
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