Watercolour Rain
26 October, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


With boldness they turn on their own
Their own political freedom's now gone
Our own freedom has been used against us
As a silent majority swells from within

We can sing of love, but not of question
Corporations own us all ...and what we need
Watching for years we cried for independence
Now we watch it vanish in our own greed

But life continues in the watercolour rain
Washing out all the details
Slowly and methodically
Blending them back into the background of grays

And in our silence we agree
To let them strip us blind because "we are free"
Others slowly turn their heads
To those.. that thought they could see

A single man screams freedom
A crowd turns to see yet no loud sounds are heard,
Just the silence of turning heads of sheep
As the police drag him away

We vote the lessor of two evils
To save ourselves some face
A representation of us for the world to see
Someone who can make them believe freedom is still embraced

Is this who we are ?... Is this who we became??
Political asylum lost in Corporate gains
Slowly our baths get warmer
As all is lost in watercolour rain


Comments on this poem/writing:

Pondering Red () -- Wednesday, November 1 2000, 05:00 am

Loved Your Poem...

I like the style and also the fact that the subject matter was a statement on the socio/political scene that is taking place today...very strong.
Katie Blackmon () -- Wednesday, May 16 2001, 05:00 am

Very nice and creative! it was the best :)

I loved your poem! it was very good:) very creative and full of imagination!
I am going to write poems full of my dreams.
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