Heavy Set
14 January, 2001
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A 200 pound sack of potatoes
I carry around each day
I'm comfortable with who I am
And I know what people say

I see the children look at me
They snicker behind my back
Still I carry myself with pride
Knowing maturity they lack

I cannot fit comfortably in a theater seat
Nor enjoy a roller-coaster ride
It's not that I wouldn't love to
But it was an embarrassment last time I tried

You see me as a lazy person
Who sits and eats all day
In reality I eat no more than you
I just don't metabolize the same way

It was a shame when they found a cure
An end, I saw to all this
But they took it away with no choice to me
To me it was worth the risk

I go through my life of your giggles and smiles
Knowing I am not the same
My mind is alert, willing, and fit
But my body steals my fame

I will not live as long as you
This is excepted without dismay
I make the best of what I have
I live to the fullest each day

So when you pass me in a store
Or turn me down for a job
Remember I feel, and am just like you
And the body is only a facade


Comments on this poem/writing:

KTigress ( -- Wednesday, November 13 2002, 10:58 pm


I am glad you wrote this poem. I am also glad to have stumbled upon it. I feel the same way you do. I am glad you've accepted it and gotten the word out there that we are just like everyone else.
Thank You.
Lisa Anne ( -- Wednesday, October 22 2003, 04:31 pm

Words of Comfort

Thank you, Dreamer!
This morning I had been feeling that perhaps I should not be so accepting of my own appearance. Afterall, the majority of our society frowns upon a person that is carrying any extra weight. I am so glad that I decided to enter Dreamer's Reality, your poem reinforces the way I truly feel inside. Again, thank you!
Meridian ( -- Saturday, May 15 2004, 02:17 pm


Dreamer! It's fabulous the way you let criticism surpass you... Everyone doesn't have to be a slim jim, to be pretty.... I'm glad you overcame the immaturity of some people in this world... It's ridiculous the way some people judge a person on a couple of flaws.... Who are they to judge whose pretty or ugly, fat or skinny? I applaud you for realizing that you are just like any normal human being, heavy set or not..... Very good Dreamer!

Smile and have a terrific day!
Tammy ( -- Sunday, May 16 2004, 05:29 am


This poem made me think of how are world is at times...but you are a beautiful person with a heart that shines like gold, we are all unique,
Great poem Ms Dreamer!!!!!!
barb ( -- Sunday, May 16 2004, 02:18 pm

understand your feelings

like your writing,you could of been talking about disabled people too the stares, the fear of kids when we speak. you know how nice you are and people that know you don't care about the weight, so pee on the others.
Wyldflower ( -- Thursday, June 16 2011, 02:09 am

this is true

and put a twist we need to look at ourselves for whet and WHO we are....
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