A City Block
26 January, 2001
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


This is the house of Daniel Webb
So much happiness for the newly wed
Living on Love and Vitamin E
Futures look bright as far as they see

This is the house of Nancy Birkley
Her husbands a drunk and her child is 3
She nurses a bruise to her eye that remains
Her tears fall silently for a life she can't change

This is the house of Johnny LeBar
He has nothing but house, TV and car
Finally divorced, yes finally free
He sits all alone staring at the boring TV

This is the place of Samuel Pick
His bills are unpaid and his child is sick
Lost his job last week, his best friend was found dead
He secretly contemplates putting his gun to his head

This is the house of Jessie Grey
She spends her life keeping her husband at bay
While he is at work her male friend comes around
Easily said she's the talk of the town

Here is the house of Missy Fairing
She hates her life and her mothers over baring
She hates all the rules and secretly rebels
In the evening on that corner her drugs and body she sells

This is the house of Kathy Smith
She knows all the dangers of crowd she is with
She takes drugs and parties to all hours of the night
Little does she know it will soon end her life

This is the house of Kathy's brother
He's quiet and friendly like any other
He likes little children and offers them candy
He baby-sits Kathy's little boy which he finds very handy

This is the house of Mr. Winslow
80 years old and no where to go
He sits on his porch watching, though they say he isn't well
He thinks of all the stories of these houses he could tell

------- Author's Notes -------

Any coincidence in name and/or situation is just that... coincidence


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Friday, July 9 2004, 06:08 am

real life---household (situations)

Darn Dreamer! Real good! I wish I had clicked into this poem sooner.... You have a great variety, I just scrolled down, and found this one, and clicked into it..... Grateful that I did... Yeah, your poems are just like real-life situations....

Creative, poetic ability! GO DREAMER, GO DREAMER, GO!!

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