Talk With The Spirit
31 January, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


     When her heart was open she felt him near.

     "Are you 'The Son of God' that speaks to me?"

     "I am not 'The Son' but 'A' Son of the Lord as you are the daughter of man."

     "Why do you not speak to us more?" she inquired of him.

     "Can you teach those that already think they know all? Would they listen to what was being said if they could not hear it with their own ears?" She thought about his words. The ones she heard within her heart..

     He began again" I speak freely to those who will listen and take heed of my words. Those who believe there is more than man. To those I speak. For they know my voice and trust in it. They are the ones who know the difference when they see it. They who will consider my words and make them real among men. For them I speak. For they that truly listen to what is not spoken. Those who can see beyond the flesh.

     Those who know the teachings, For they too are the family of God. Blessed to hear his voice as they walk through life. They share the light with others through the deeds they do and kindness they share. The true children of God, my brothers and sisters among man. They that will never be alone for I am with them always as real as a friend. Not of flesh but of the heart of love. Love which is the center of all that is and will be."

     "But what of those that cannot hear? Are they not important too?"

     "They are lost in their journeys. They must choose to follow the light which glows from the heart of those rich with my words." If they seek me and listen they too will hear. They too will know and hear the truth. For only when they realize that they do not know all, are they open to learning of the lessons that are there. They must not just seek, to find. They must know I am here and feel my touch and find my words to be healed. Only then will they live the truth and share the light. Then the gates of heaven will open and welcome them.

     To know me is to love, to know my father is to love and to love.. is to give love."

     "But how do those that are lost, find love?"

     "They must stop. They must see deeper than sight and hear deeper than sound. Feel deeper than touch. For those senses are of the flesh. A bondage of the embodiment of being human. "Each person can go deeper. Past the world of flesh. Moving to a place where they can truly hear and see and feel the touch of something much larger than they can comprehend when chained to the flesh..

     If a person looks at a reflection he sees a picture. That reflection has no feelings, no heart. It can not hear, nor see or feel. It can appear to be a reflection of the person before it. But surely it is not. So what is beneath that appearance is where true understanding and hearing is. If one is caught up in the reflection they will never be free. Neither, will they see, or hear or touch the truth. For they are imprisoned. They must look beyond, feel beyond, and hear beyond this reflection of embodiment.

     To know love is not flesh. To know love, one must reflect love and show love. Giving of time and things that are not material.

     It is written that a rich man will have a harder time reaching heaven than a poor one. It is because a rich man has too much material things that matter. These 'things' have to be cared for.

     A poor man knows that love can over come the need. They know that sharing and giving of ones time and energy is the true reward of love. They are closer without distraction to the true self. A poor man does not seek the reflection but accepts what is. He is thankful for what he has and shares with others his thoughts and time. Because that is all he has. He is not distracted from the sounds within himself. He is not distracted from the need of kindness and the disembodiment of the aspects of love. And to know love is to know God.

     But even the poor must not harbor bitterness and resentment and fall to its folly. They must follow and allow the aspect of forgiveness. For bitterness, blame and resentment is also tied to the physical chains of human bondage.

     If all could move beyond this, my sister, then they too could know me as you do. They too would rejoice in Heaven and the bountiful gifts it offers them. Ponder that, oh poet sister. And we will soon talk again"

     She knew he was finished speaking. Her heart was full. She felt wrapped in the warmth of the word. And she rested knowing His Love.

------- Author's Notes -------

As dictated from within

Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Sunday, February 8 2004, 04:22 am


This was absolutely pleasant to read ...It was very rich 'N powerful in words, you have the magical ability to transform writings into beautiful portraits that are visioned in our heart/soul...i enjoyed all of your latest writings..thank you so much for sharing and for this great opportunity to bring it into my family room to enjoy...Terrie*
Carolyn ( -- Tuesday, July 31 2012, 04:28 pm


Thank you for sharing this. You know I love and respect it How blessed we are to have heard the voice. In one particular exchange, I was asking for peace regarding a partlicular situation. Clearly, THE VOICE said to me, "I am sufficient. I am sufficient." The thought continued with, "Lay your burdens down when you are ready, lay your burdens down." This experience has sustained me through many challenges, reminding my mental health is up to me.
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