Blame The President
14 December, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


There once was this list
That A girl sat behind
Lurking, while reading she sighed
It was all she could do to keep her tongue tied

She watched as they bashed
The president she followed
She had to keep trust in her heart
Not allowing the doubt demons to start

They picked and repicked
Everything he had done
Nothing he could do
Seemed enough to break through

He picked up a trayed turkey
And some cameras snapped
Conclusion jumped that he was serving
For their own ignorance, Was he deserving?

He is but a man
Was this too his fault
Not angel of perfection
Wasn't the best for all, his intension

She listened silently
To each word that they wrote
Taking it all in with a frown
Wondering, was their judgement sound

She thought about her husband
A working soldier so very far away
He fought along side many of his kind
All fighting for this president, willing to die

She knew it was fair
The people all had their choice
To sit and condemn our own president
Even if the facts they judged, were not all present

She shook her head
And she shed another tear
She hit the button and closed the email
Thinking: we all have our crosses to which we are nailed


Comments on this poem/writing:

Silkened Moon ( -- Tuesday, December 16 2003, 12:02 am

Awesome Poem Dreamer!

Awesome Poem Dreamer! I totally agree with the concept of this poem and what it stands for. How can they blame the leader of our nation at a time like this. I can't believe how many people have that thought in their minds. Well, great poem anyway! There should be more like this to show those what we have and how some accept it!
Haley ( -- Sunday, March 6 2005, 06:20 pm

awsome poem dreamer

yeah i agree with this poem poeple make there own choices the president does not make them for you.
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