So Honored
9 December, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Returning home she sat alone
at her computer screen
With just her trusty friends
Amy and Jazmine

Tonight her teardrops fell
She was sick and felt alone
She felt all the work she did
Had been, better known

The awards were all given out
No acknowlegement for her effort
She wondered why she bothered
She wondered why she cared

She had been ready to give it all up
Ready to shuck it all
Why should she keep bothering
Her life too, could use a lull

While sifting through her email
A familiar name appeared
She clicked quickly on it's location
Then came a new rain of tears

It thanked her for her efforts
Blessed her for putting others first
Spoke of the honor in what she was doing
Her true reason, the note was renewing

She sat back in her chair
And wrote her own little note
Of how much she needed to hear those words
Wonderful feelings it invoked

She thought that perhaps and angel
Had whispered in her friends ear
To tell her it was time
To make those efforts all seem clear

She went to bed that night
feeling what she was worth
No plaque could have done her more honor
Than what a friend did with the words she wrote


Comments on this poem/writing:

Marty Henry ( -- Thursday, December 11 2003, 05:06 pm

a whisper of an angel

Excellent writing. When I read these words I to here the angels whispering.

Megan ( -- Friday, December 12 2003, 12:32 am

Who cares what strangers think?

What your friends think is the most important thing. The opinions of the people who know you are what matter.
Terrie* ( -- Friday, December 12 2003, 06:47 pm


kind gestures can be seen w/a naked eye..we see and feel your heart , some times we get all wrapped up in the rush-rush of everyday living that we tend to procrastinate and the kind jesture one meant to say, goes unsaid another the many lifes you made a difference in w/so many attending ,i believe that some one is bound to speak up on your behalf to those in charge.....beautiful words...this was a heavy poem..Terrie*
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