Iridescent Dreams
30 October, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I watch as the leaves roll past my window
The autumn breeze chilling the air
How can it be summer is gone
Seems like yesterday it heated the air

The iridescent dreams of you still dance in my mind
Surreal, the time with you seems to me now
Asking myself was it really you by my side
Were you truely here with me?

I shiver with the chill that runs my spine
Lost in the memory of a moment with you
Recalling the magic that was us together
Living again in my mind, when I felt your touch

The last scents of you dissapate
Clinging tight to the pillow on which you laid your head
I breath in, a single tear loosens from it's place
Melting down my cheek ...I wipe it away

Closing my eyes, I seek strength
Strength to begin again the wait for your return
To live again in a world where you aren't
I shall survive as best I can

I raise my head high still gripping the pillow
I breath deep while opening my eyes
Everything feels heavy to me now
I watch another leaf tumble by


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 01:47 pm

This has been a very, long year.


I understand this poem with trying,its more like I can feel it and see that one tear, melting down your cheek. Could it be the same one thatyou promised you would not cry, when you told him goodbye? I pray,this will be the last time, that tear ever fills your eye.

We all think of you and the many others who are waiting, some for the arrival and some, the departure home.

Very vivid and loving poem.

Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, November 5 2003, 02:00 am

the waiting will come to an end...

i love this, it is very touching.....the seasons change in his absence...the only change in love is that thru absence it intensifies and strengthens the love, distance cultivates it......the moments wasted in his absence will be richly rewarded in his safe return to your arms you both will share the tears of joy... my prayers for you as well as for the others are on the alter....
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