Beneath The Surface
23 September, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Beneath the surface I'm not fine
Sad depressed and terrified
Afraid that this "alone" might last
I again would be forced to live the past

Beneath the surface I'm not strong
It's just a facade that I put on
I smile and laugh, play and joke
but underneath, clowns are lonely folk

Beneath the surface I try to hide
All's not right inside my mind
But am I different or the same
As every one all life so mundane


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, September 23 2003, 07:20 pm

Within Your Heart, there is...,

A clown, that never frowns, a clown who carries, a smile for everyone. This is your clown, and I mean no joke, he laughs, smiles, plays around. This clown knows, the meaning of life, to have so many friends and into their life, with a smile, bring them joy and comfort. This is your heart Dreamer, though sometimes, I know your are sad and beneath the surface, feel, there is on one, not even this clown. You are a smile to many, you are the touch of tenderness, you are the Dreamer, that lives, in all of us!

Without you Lady D, how mundane, life would be.

Don't think of what you do for us as a responsibility, its just the way you are, not a lonely clown, but a vivacious heart, you share your love and solitude with us. We are the clowns in your poem, we all gather round, to cheer you up with all of our love. No sadness in this poem, we are the clowns, and will not allow it.

Dreamer, didn't mean to take away from your poem, or what you intended as a meaning, just wanted you to know, how much we love you!

All Of Us
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, October 1 2003, 06:49 pm


I love this Becky! I feel as though you were me for a day or so. This is me...most of the time. I actually talked to someone about the not so happy me last nite bc he wanted me to. I talked about everything and he just listened. Finally someone i don't need to put on an act around, someone who knows that i'm not always happy and cheerful and....i dunno. There i go rambling.

Awesome writing Becky. I may hang it on my wall if you dont mind.
Becky ( -- Thursday, October 2 2003, 06:34 am


sure you can... hang away... Luckily I don't feel this way all the time. Just sometimes...
Cherish ( -- Wednesday, November 12 2003, 02:52 pm

I know where your comin' from

I really like this poem becky, it reminds me of what i was going through awhile ago with my boyfriend. I was trying to act happy so that no would notice the pain that i was feeling deep inside.I don't feel like this anymore but it's a really bad feeling and it is good to know that i'm not the only one
kali ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 09:48 pm

great poem

I understand how you feel.that's how I've felt since I was 11.
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