Unknown Soldier
17 September, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I watched as he arrived
The soldier that was not mine
The joy of those surrounding him
I stood and smiled.. "Welcome home"

He was not here to stay
but to visit with those he loved
They told him I too had a soldier
he said "I'll keep him in my prayers"

We spoke but briefly, and he asked of him,
Where he was stationed, of the army's plan.
As I replied to him my answer, he just grimaced
Asking him why, "There's nothing there" he shared.

And as he turned to leave he stopped sudden
putting his bags down he turned and hugged me tight
he spoke once more to me, his voice quiet and subdued
"I'll make sure he gets home safe, I'll keep him safe for you"


Comments on this poem/writing:

Tricia ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 06:37 pm

Another tear jerker

Dreamer of course another great poem. Tears glisten in my eyes as i read this poem. Thank you for the site and all the feedback in which you have given. You give me hope and you make my days brighter knowning im not alone.
Ashley holman ( -- Monday, November 24 2003, 08:48 pm

Unknown soldier poem

I really felt for this person and this poem i really liked how the soldier said he would make sure he got home safe and that he would protect him for her it was very moving and i was touched.
Marty Henry ( -- Thursday, December 11 2003, 06:02 pm

can't wait

Our daughter is over in those unknown sands.
We just can't wait to hold her hands.
Thankyou for posting the beauty in these words.
for our daughters tears have been heard.
She's suppose to come home April 2004.
We just can't wait for her bags to hit our floor.
No more calls on the telephone.
We pray to GOD to bring our daughter home.

Marty Henry
HEAVEN ( -- Monday, May 3 2004, 05:12 pm


i love this poem so in school reading it and im crying and every one is asking me whats wrong.and i told them to read this so half the class is in tears.:(but any ways GREAT job.
Military girl ( -- Sunday, February 27 2005, 01:07 pm

no title

I think you just captured the epitomy of the soldier. he fights and carry's on so strong for not only the ones he loves.. but for all those he fights with.
Hugh Farey ( -- Sunday, February 19 2006, 06:58 pm

Family Connection

In the course of some genealogical research I discover that the "Unknown Soldier" who lies in Westminster Abbey, London, was brought to England from France by a Major Stan Hammack. Curious coincidence.
Becky ( -- Sunday, February 19 2006, 07:17 pm


that is a very strange coincidence. Thank-you for surprise twist to my already heart touching experience.
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