Care For Change
15 September, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Ah to change or not to change
that is the question
for it is better to sit back
and watch the chaos
than to become involved and end it

It is far easier to not take a stand
leaving it for others to do
But then thou doest complain
Oh, how thou doest complain

My ears ring with the bowels of injustice
of living in another man's world
But do you move?
I think not
Even injustice moves you not.

If but for the flapping of jaws
there would be no movement at all
And yet you sit there in judgment
calling me wrong
Telling others how careless I am
When it is you who are care-less

In reality I am care-ful
Care-ful of every living soul
Care-ful of even those who sit back
and let the injustice rule their existance

Curses be to you and your care-less ways
Lest one day you live out the life you ignore
that you too, feel the wrath of injustice
as it is swiped across you like a sword
stripping you of your very life blood

For only then will you realize your lack.
Only then will you be forced to move
And hail those who stand for something
who believe in the rights of all man kind

And only then will you learn to care for change.


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barb ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 10:18 pm

very true

I'm not proud of it Becky but I'm like that I just sit back and hope that someone does something.
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