Political Malaise
29 July, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Why do things always go too far
What starts out a small step
Ends up way beyond par
Why a need for gay rights aren't we all human
Isn't marriage simply described, as a union,
Is it not love and a show of faith
or is it a piece of paper, that love creates
It's a tax incentive. that's all that it is
Give them the tax rights as a couple
and let go and let live

Now, public gay schools
Tell me what is next
Right to perform open oral sex
Come on now people
And show some respect
What happens in their bedroom
in no way, does it you, effect
Why not move on, spend time on something big
Like ending the poverty and feeding a kid

This world is mixed up
and life seems so crazy
maybe what's focused on, has become hazy
What about needs of doctors and medications
Is it price of a pill or corporate compensation
Maybe the world needs a new cause
What about obesity rights and some new laws
Hey we want to ride roller-coaster and fit a plane seat
Has society forgotten our rights. Can this, we beat?

When does it end and we draw the line
Can't we treat people as people, is it so sublime
With law upon law is there still room to grow
When it is simply respect we need to show
Political paperwork we try to change
Fighting a system that has grown estrange
This couldn't be what our forefathers foreseen
This system of ours now so obscene
That we now need paper rights to private sexual plays
I must admit... to my political malaise


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Luc ( -- Friday, August 1 2003, 11:12 pm

no title

i agree, things are getting a bit "out of hand" instead of segregating gays (which thats what i think they are doing with the whole public gay school but thats just me) they should start spending that money on the poor, the sick, the hungry and all that.

as for the gay marriage, well, it would be nice to be looked at as legally married. that isnt that important but it would be nice to know that "america" looks at you as a married couple.

good poem none the less. happy to read it. and it all just sounds so .. nice.. like if it was ment to go along with music, and not just words sung in silence.
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