6 July, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


The poetic hearts touch
For a moment
the words seem liquefied unto the spirit
Mesmerized I stare, stricken
By not what I see..
but what I feel inside.

Lost is the true intended meaning
as inside my emotions are controlled
by some secret trigger spoken
Igniting my emotions to a world of their own
A place where no understanding is needed
a place where the spirit soars and emotions dance

Dizzied I sit in wonderment of the internal event
absorbed, intoxicated I stare..
Re-reading, yet still unable to comprehend
the magic you have invoked
I close my eyes
allowing the freedom of the dance


Comments on this poem/writing:

MartinV ( -- Monday, July 7 2003, 02:15 pm

Word, thoughts, all can be intoxicating to the heart.


Sometimes words spoken, or written, can seep past the ear and eye, and settle in the heart. A private thought shared with ourselves. A thought we should not dare to think, comes to life and is real, within ourselves. Yet, caution riddled with the thrill of it all, even as private as it may be, sometimes makes us want to tell the world, about the things we see, hear and feel. I fined this experience in dreamersreality often.

This is a very, interesting poem, I feel a freshness in your words and you make me feel like a poet should feel, brave, courageous, yet aware of my self known weanesses.

KitKatrina ( -- Friday, July 11 2003, 06:34 pm

B. E. A. U..tiful

That was beautifully written. And usually I don't like poetry that doesn't rhyme, because I loose interest, but that was very beautifull and well written, keep it up!
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