Parallel Times
26 March, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Safe in my home I sit watching the war on TV with concern
He jumps for cover as a sniper fires in his direction
The phone rings and I share a thought and a joke with a friend
His radio crackles and he is given orders to transcend

I go to a local restaurant sad, that I again, have to eat alone
He rips open another MRE and adds water to cook
I check the mailbox disappointed by no news
He opens a letter wrote 2 weeks ago and smiles touching the picture enclosed

I go through the motions of life paying bills and shopping
He sits awaiting attack wishing for some good home cooking
The children are squalling and I want a much needed break
A tear is wiped away, he missed his son's first birthday for this war's sake

I wash the clothes and dishes for the third time this week
He longs for something clean, fresh washed and sand free
I look outside disappointed cause once again rains on the brink
He empties his canteen cup of sand before pouring a drink

I take a hot shower to wash away the days woes
The sand beats his naked face turning to mud from his sweat
I ready for bed and climb under the covers for slumber
The sirens sound he runs mask in hand to the nearest bunker

I close my eyes, clear my mind and I try to sleep
The ground shakes from a blast of a building near by
I awake from a nightmare and turn on the light
He jumps out, weapon in hand, yelling, he's syked for the fight


Comments on this poem/writing:

LinzAy ( -- Friday, March 28 2003, 10:16 am


I feel a lot from this poem. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.
martin Vann ( -- Friday, March 28 2003, 07:14 pm

We Know You!


If, ever a wife was close to her country, her husband, her man, her lover, her "everything" that she stands for which is a part of what America is all about, it is you, Dreamer. Sure, you have an entire web-site upon which to express your feelings, but its not that which causes us to admire you. Yes, we know there are others out there that feel the pain, emptiness. as you do. The big difference is.........too many to list, except, We can say, we KNOW you.

We understand that you are trying to ease some of the pain and that is why you write, its not compliments that you seek, but as long as you share your heart this way, this is part, of what will come your way.

I think, I speak, for many of Us.
Red Dragon ( -- Saturday, March 29 2003, 10:20 am


I share in your sorrows. You have your own battle the way he is in, fighting...I know its hard, but I pray for the best. Hang on...
Dorothy Fox ( -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 04:19 pm

Parallel Times

Your poem expresses so very much the concerns and prayers of all of us. Why must we continue to go through the perils of war for each generation? I pray
your husband will come home SOON and your heart will mend. My dearest husband died on March 10, 2003. A Marine Corp veteran, he was among the "bravest" The poems I have written lately have been about him, as I
seek my new life and look at the set of rings he gave me so long ago. They'll remain on my right hand.
Robbin ( -- Wednesday, September 22 2004, 02:24 am

You couldn't have said it any better

This is exactly the way it is! I was fortunate enough that my husband was able to be home for the birth of our third child, due to a surgery(appendectomy!). I just saw him off again. He will miss two of his childrens birthdays and many holidays too. Thank you for your poem. It takes a lot out of military spouses. It is awesome when we are appreciated too!
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