A Soldier's Wife
24 March, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I am an American soldier's wife
I stand with pride in my eyes
I know to my husband, there is a higher calling
that I will never fully understand
I am not a warrior, but I have the inner strength of one
Sometimes I am lonely, but I am never alone
I am one of millions, and the one and only

I stand by my husband's passion for freedom
Knowing that his call to duty may come any time
I know he may die for what he believes in
And I know he is willing to sacrifice
For the betterment of the world, and what's right

I am strong, independent, and capable
Sometimes I have to raise our children by myself
Sometimes I sleep alone
Sometimes I cry tears of worry
And sometimes I sit by the phone

The unknown can often fill me with fear
As I sit waiting for a single word to ease my mind
But I know sometimes no news is good news too
And that it doesn't help anyone if I whine

I know I can make or break my soldier
And that my words can be the food for his soul
I write him when he's gone and love him when he is near
And the good memories help me to stay strong

I don't just think of patriotism as flags and fireworks
I live my patriotism each and every day
"God Bless America" brings tears to my eyes
And the "Star Spangled Banner" makes me cheer"

I know my part in life is important
As a wife a child's mother, and a best friend
I have a strong sense of duty in all that I do
I know life is precious and can end

Sometimes the burden on my shoulders
can be so overwhelming to me
I feel I am always amidst a move
But even still, my love for my soldier holds true

It's not always easy being a soldiers wife
but I do the best that I can
When people say they don't know how I do it
To me it is easy to understand

I do it for passion, and for what is right
I do it for freedom and choices
And I do it for the soldier I love... the hero... who is my man


Comments on this poem/writing:

Capricorn ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 01:45 pm

Well written

You have expressed your feelings so well and yours are so often in my thoughts at this time.Although we can try to understand how you feel we cannot really appreciate the enormity of it all as we are not in your shoes.Hang in there..lets pray it will soon be over.
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 02:13 pm

Dreamer, you live your words.

I think that says it for me, you know how I feel. Wish you could send this poem over there. He all the others there would appreicate this heart-beat. I'm sure you speak for many wives here.

Thanks, MartinV
barb ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 04:02 pm


becky now I know how people like you manage things.
being unselfish is a thing I wish I could be oh not just a little but passionately alot like you and all the soldiers. bbeautiful writing becky
Stacey ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 06:29 pm

To Becky

What a beautiful poem !!!
LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 09:29 pm


Beautiful. Felt the heart put into, think everyone that reads this did/ should send it to your local newspaper or something so that the other wives that feel the same as you can feel your heart touching theirs.....i dunno. Greatly written emotions and thoughts.
Dino ( -- Wednesday, March 26 2003, 12:54 am

Heart felt

Thank you for this very heart felt poem. Your man is a very lucky man to have you supporting him. I have been there where your man is at. Let me tell you, it is very important to get a letter from your love ones. Everyday he checks the mail call board, "Did I get a letter today?" Send him this poem, he will keep it close to his heart. "It's my woman talking." It kills me to hear protesters yelling at our soldiers. Not wanting to sit by them in a restaurant. Even when they are holding their daughter. War is ugly. I don't want to say more, I already have with "War! What for?". Thanks for sharing your view, of a soldier wife and for "Dreamers reality." Well written with love Becky.
sasha ( -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 09:34 pm

beautifully writtin

i love this poem...if sounds like it came straight out of your heart...dreamer,I GIVE YOU 3 THUMBS UP!;)
luc ( -- Friday, March 28 2003, 02:43 am

no title

great poem dreamer.. always a fan of your stuff. and always will be.. keep on writing.
Becky ( -- Friday, March 28 2003, 04:48 am

Thanks to all

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. You bring a tear to my eye. I need another one ;)
Roy ( -- Monday, April 21 2003, 11:51 am

Admiration to the Soldiers Wife

Very nice words to discribe the depth of sharing what it is like to be a soldiers wife. I see the strength in your words and my prayers go out for you, him and family.
Linda ( -- Thursday, May 29 2003, 02:28 pm


You could not have said it better. As a soldiers wife your words brough tears to my eyes, tears of joy, pride, and even sorrow.
Continue to pray for all our troops, far and wide, and for their families so they may continue to have the strenght to strive on for what is right even when it would be easier to walk away.
Thank-You for sharing what I could not have put into words but which I feel in my heart each and every day.
Amber ( -- Wednesday, June 18 2003, 03:41 pm

no title

The poem is great. I also am a soldiers wife. The poem speaks about exactly what I am going through. My husband will enjoy it.
Lorien ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 01:59 pm

Great Poem

That is a really great husband is currently deployed with 789th EOD ORD Co...I was wondering if I could get a copy of the poem via email so I could forward it to the other wives in the company?
Tricia ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 03:31 pm

Tears we cry

This is a great poem. And as a military wife i share each of these things you have expressed. yet I know i do not cry alone, for there are many who share my tears, and many who understand my fears. Thank you so much for this poem. Being a soldiers wife couldnt be explained better then you have in this poem. As well i would like a copy of this poem via email. To send to fellow wifes of military personnal.
Marisa ( -- Saturday, November 15 2003, 01:39 am

Words so true!

You put into words the life that we the military wive's have to live day in and day out. I thank you for the wonderful poem.
As our soldiers are sacrifice because duty calls. We also sacrifice as being their best friend, mother of their children and their proud wive's.
I wish you the best and once again thank you so much.
PFC USMC Stefanidis ( -- Monday, December 1 2003, 02:03 am

to all wifes that still wait for there loved one to come home

I will never know how it must feel to stay always by the phone, or take care of kids somtimes all on your own, As a Marine i thank all the wifes and mothers with out you we will be lost, you are the reason why we come back alive, u might not know it but you are always on our minds keeping us strong, I thank you...
Tricia ( -- Tuesday, December 2 2003, 02:08 am


Pfc. Stefandis,
I would just like to personally say thank you for serving this great country. My dad is an "ex"marine and my future husband is army. I thank all those who serve this country both here in the US and over seas. Thanks again for doing your job and doin it well.
Semper Fi
Lynda ( -- Sunday, December 7 2003, 03:29 am

Marines Wife

Your poem brought tears to eyes. My husband is away right now and it's so hard to be alone. I pray that he will come back to see our frist child be born. All we can do is pray.
Heather ( -- Monday, December 15 2003, 03:52 pm

Thank you!!

Your poem touched my heart in so many ways. My fiance is in the Army and will be deployed in Jan 2004. I am currently 3 months pregnant and I am scared and angry at the same time. I thought no one understood the way I feel but I know now I was wrong. Thank you for your words of encouragement!!
megan ( -- Tuesday, December 23 2003, 04:14 pm


My fiancee is currently deployed. Your poem touched me in every way possible. Everything that was said i felt. I love my soldier!
Nikole ( -- Wednesday, January 28 2004, 01:43 pm

Hope,Love and Faith

Hope,love and faith are what everyone tells me i to have being a fiancee of a currently deployed soldier. Your poem has so much meaning and says things that i could not express. This poem is so beautiful!!
Amanda ( -- Tuesday, March 2 2004, 07:07 am

Talk About Tears

Thank you for these words of encouragement. I am also a soldier's wife. My husband is in the Army National Guards and will be deployed to Iraq very soon. I have spent many days and nights crying, scared of what the future holds for me. I am just getting used to being a new wife. Now I have to learn to live without him for the next year or two. I don't know how I am going to do it. With the help of friends and family, and God, I will find a way. May God bless our soldiers and their wives who have to live life without their husbands for a time so that we can be free. I pray for all soldiers' safe return and safety and peace for their families.

Thanks again for this poem. I will carry a copy of it with me everywhere I go.
Denise Flores ( -- Friday, May 14 2004, 12:37 pm

I too am a military wife

I just want to tell you that I love your poems and I know they come from the heart and dont take much to make to make them uo because it's what you go through everyday. I also am familiar with the question "how do you do it?" I've been asked that before and I can relate. I guess the saying is true "it takes one to know one" and that is a military wife. Keep up the poems. It will help you get through it. I keep a journal to help me too. Take care.
AKA ( -- Tuesday, March 8 2005, 09:53 pm


its not my kind of poetry that i would look at, but despite that i must say i can see you went to a next level on this poem, good stuff.
SSG_JEB_wife ( -- Saturday, May 21 2005, 11:09 pm

Very Nice

Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful to know that although I am a soldier's wife, my feelings are shared by others. Thank you again!
Jennifer ( -- Tuesday, June 21 2005, 03:23 pm


As a soldier's wife I appreciate the fact that I am not alone!
Kimberly ( -- Sunday, July 10 2005, 07:23 am

I know how you feel

My husband is over in iraq right now and i really miss him so i know where you are all coming from
Reyline Sturges ( -- Tuesday, July 12 2005, 11:34 pm


This poem shows how soldiers wives are very supportive to their husband.through this poem now I know the other things that I`m sacrificing.I`m still learning how to support my husband and I think this poem helped me a lot..thank you very much!!!!

I call him baby boy because I truly care about him. And now he is going to iraq in january, I dont`t know exactly what to do..but there is only one thing that I`m gonna do for sure.. I`m gonna pray for him everyday, to be safe and come back with honor... i love you sweety....
MAFLongfellow ( -- Tuesday, February 20 2007, 07:45 pm

A Soldiers Wife

I am very proud of u Dreamer and salute you and
your man. Here is a poem just for u "Come Morning
Light" on site. Love and Prayers
Christina Soria ( -- Monday, March 26 2007, 03:41 am

Thank You so much!

My husband recently deployed to Afghanistan and this poem is so true, I was trying to send it too him but it said I had to ask first, if you still see if people post comments could you please email this poem to my husband, <snipped address>I would really like him to read it.
Becky ( -- Monday, March 26 2007, 03:56 am


I just sent it for you..
Tamera Coffey ( -- Friday, September 10 2010, 03:13 pm

Bride of PFC Christian Coffey

Today my husband sent me the link to this beautiful poem. I have fallen in love with it. Is there any way that you can send it to me?
Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!
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