It Finally Sinks In
13 February, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


No longer will the phone ring each night
Converstions of silence will be no more
Loneliness suddenly overwhelms my heart
As reality finally sinks in

Alone I sit in a world we created together
Without my love, but for my heart
My strength leaves me and I fall upon my bed
Unable to stop the tears

Facing the facts that I had denied
Hoping with all my heart the day would never come
But it has..
Now I am forced to face my fear

I see the picture upon the stand beside me
I see the eyes that bid me be strong
Yet the more I try.. the more I fail
And I feel my heart shatter within me


Comments on this poem/writing:

Capricorn ( -- Sunday, February 16 2003, 06:16 pm

Hang in there!

Hang in there Becky! Time will make things easier to bear. We are here for you in your time of need. You have helped us,and we will try to help you too.
Marci ( -- Friday, February 21 2003, 02:37 pm


Although feeling like this inside is unbearable, you have expressed it perfectly. For the past few days I have been staring at a blank piece of paper trying to find the words to describe how I've been feeling. Reading this has brought tears to my eyes, but has also opened them. It is so hard to face reality sometimes. My thoughts are with you Becky....if you think positive....then positive things will happen :o)
barb ( -- Friday, February 21 2003, 04:02 pm

so passionate

loved it dreamer like cap and marci said hang in there and think positive then positive things will happen. take care.
crystal ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 07:39 pm

exatly how i felt

ive felt the same way! when my first love left me i had to realize or let it sink in that he wasn't gonna be there for me anymore. we would talk every night, after he left me my nights and days were so lonely because if we werent talking to each other on the phone we'd be together. but im stonger now and i hope that you are too! you are a great poet,never give up writing. this poem is fantastic!
christel ( -- Saturday, August 23 2003, 11:31 pm

it'll get easier

easiness should come with time
Tracey ( -- Sunday, September 21 2003, 05:39 pm

Sunday 21 September 2003, 18.27

That was very touching and summed up exactly how i felt four years ago when my boyfriend and only brother tragically died. Thank you for sharing this with us. People will say it get's better in time and believe me it really does iam a stronger person for the experience. Once again it was beautiful thank you.
Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, October 22 2003, 04:12 pm

The Shattered Heart, lives again!

Benn thinking bout you Dreamer and all that you have been through. November, 2003, I pry will be a magic time, and all your pain will leave your heart, as "our" soldier, marches back into your heart.

I know, he never left, but, understand your poem.
Mandy ( -- Monday, January 5 2004, 08:48 pm

I Know What You Mean

I know how you feel, my guy and I of 5 months broke up, we were engaged and he left. I finally now realize he is no longer with me and wont be. I realze now that i love him and the tears i shed for him will not stop, but just flow more and more. I know that he still thinks of me but it hurts. Hang in there hun, your not alone, things will get better.
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