7 February, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I want to roll up in a little ball
And just for a while disappear from it all
With time to myself
And a space of my own
Not catering to whims of others
Just allowed to be down

I'm tired of being on beckon call
Phone rings again and I have to drop it all
Dog wants out now
Now its the other dogs turn
When is the time for me
That my sickened body does yearn

I'm just sick and tired of all of the stress
Putting on a happy face
My emotions want a rest
I say good-bye
Then it hello once again
Another tearful good-bye waits round the bend

I can't take much more I'll be happy when its done
But then when it ends
Will I regret, feelings wrong
So I take another deep breath
And suck it up once again
It's okay I'm just tired and in need of a friend


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From All Of Us To Dreamer..., ( -- Monday, February 10 2003, 09:18 pm

This is what you would say to us , but its time for US to speak!

So, you can't take much more, the world has found a nesting place, upon your shoulders it has stormed. The life you love, the life you live for, why has it been called to war? Becky, we are part you, our dreams and love, you allow us to express. We are few, but like you, we are strong, we write to you all the time to tell you that. We are not "his arms," we are not that strong. However,we love you Dreamer, and like him, we always will.

Thank you for loving us, we love you to.

The dreamers of Dreamersreality.
barb ( -- Monday, February 10 2003, 11:12 pm


dreamer your writing says it all.Wish we could do something to help but all we can do is listen to you and care as I know everybody does. This writing is good and true .Just being you has helped alot of people.We do love and care for you.
Capricorn ( -- Tuesday, February 11 2003, 12:19 am

With love to you!

I felt every word you expressed here Becky, and words cannot really say what I want to.Waiting for that final "Goodbye" is draining your emotions. perhaps when that time comes you will feel different. Hang in there, don't forget we care. We need you too! if it weren't for this web site I don't know what state i'd be in right now.Take care!
Meridian ( -- Thursday, March 25 2004, 01:24 am


Dreamer! How's life? If it weren't for you who formed this site into what it has become today, I never would have found or had a chance to submit my poetry. It's because of you that we're all up here. YOu made it happen! I love you! God loves you! Your family loves you! Your friends love you! Heck, we all love you!!!!

(Hhahhhahaha) Whenever you're out of shoulders to cry on, just letting you know that you can lean on us, and...........Look to the mashed potatoe-like clouds with the sun looking like butter melting into the delicious clouds above. I know I have a weird imagination, but dreaming is like needles and threads to me. Dreaming sews the missing pieces to the puzzle in my life. Have fun and............
"Live each day with expectation"
Meridian Zuriel
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