To Know Fear
19 January, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


He lurks there in the darkness
Watching, but not involved
He wishes he had the strength
To over come his fear

He feels himself not as worthy
And not as good as the rest
But inside his heart calls out
It's fortitude, he lacks

Hanging his head in his own disgrace
He doubts he will win out his fear
But a passion arrises inside him now
And inside a "what if" slips in

What if I take that first step
And what if I do not fall
The wonders are just waiting
Exceptance is assured

"Yes I can" he thinks to himself
"I have the strength.. I will"
But as he moves slightly forward
fear again makes its call

Deeper he pushes back into the darkness
Lurking again in his enshadowed cage
But one day it will be different
That day his passions will come of age


Comments on this poem/writing:

Unknown ( -- Monday, February 10 2003, 09:41 pm

He has prepared for years, now, the test is here.

Courage, do I really have courage? Is it really there, or just a phantom, given life, just because I passed some silly tests. Soon, very soon I hope, I will find the answer, for I have searched and waited for so long, to find out what kind of man I am. Will I fall, or will I be brave and lead my companions to glory, possibly the grave. I know I have it in me, this lion of the heart, but love for her, the one I leave behind, it takes the toughnest from my heart. No as I rethink, it is that love she has for me, that puts this lion in my heart. Be it glory or just the grave, I need for her to know, that I was brave. As brave as she was, when I said stay away, I must prepare my sole, in case I never come back this way.
LaToya ( -- Tuesday, February 24 2004, 09:45 pm

no title

Very good peom :)
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