Love Comes Around
19 January, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


She awaits out in the light
Knowing one day it will be
The day that someone will love her
That day she will be free

Sometimes she feels perfectly helpless
Unable to do it on her own
She has such undiscovered strength
If only pity could be un-sown

Other days it doesn't matter
The whole world could come tumbling down
She finds the love within her self
That's when "he" will come around

For Love is attracted to the light
No one wants to be in the dark and sad
Life could be so different for her
If she would rejoice and be glad


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, February 12 2003, 08:34 pm

You have such love to offer, and love can be a stormy sea!

To be a loving heart, you must be strong enough to support an angry sea that rages, one that can wipe out worlds. worlds made of flimsy sand. For all who sail these stormy seas, there is a beacon, a light that saves and heals.

You can not sail upon this storm and expect to save yourself, for you are helpless and lost in the sea. There is a way to save yourself, keep the saltwater of life from you eyes and yes, I know it burns. Stay true to your self, there is a light. It shines so bright, it can kill death itself. Look not for this light, by yourself, but send your sole to search for it. Not long from then, will you see this light. It will bring you into the harbour, safe from the storm, and offers more than shelter, it gives you love, found with in your self.

Thanks Dreamer, my, how you make me dream!

anonymous ( -- Friday, May 30 2003, 04:53 pm

no title

Lovely poem! you can express alot in your poems. keep up the great work!
Jackie ( -- Monday, July 14 2003, 04:38 am


I know of a few people that have thsi great friendship going..But they dont want to be with eachother incase they lose thsi great friendship. So don't wait to tell the one you love.
shery ( -- Thursday, July 17 2003, 04:36 am


this is such an amazin poem
i love the way u express yourself
good wriitin
Nikki ( -- Tuesday, October 26 2004, 05:47 pm


I have read alot of your poems and I have to say you have style and grace. I am a poem writer similar to your style and it is remarkable some things you speak of. I would love to know how you come up with the perfect things to put in your expressions, it's almost like you and I have lived the same life or think the same as me. I would like to say your writing is inspirational and wonderfully written. Keep it up!
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