21 January, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A flurry of fuss and turmoil you make
Someones life you could easily take
Surrounded by swirls of grey hatered
You can't see the calm through the storm

Nothing is black and white
Only shardes of red sharp and bright
Your heart races forward with fury
You could scream and never stop

You know that it's wrong but don't care
"Just cross my path if you dare
I'll break you down and lay you to waste"
You could easily kill given the chance

Fire breathing dragons, volcanoes erupt
Tonadoes and hurricanes, land corrupt
Nothing can compare to the fire built inside
Of a rage tortured mind fueled by hate


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Monday, February 10 2003, 08:42 pm

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Furry like that of a Woman!

I got a real message here and my Christmas card will be sincere. How can someone Soooooooo Sweet, know such RAGE. UH, never mind, I don't want to know. "Cross Your Path And I'll Break You Down And Lay You To Waste!"
I'm looking for my sneakers right now, until reading this poem, I had never wanted to be as quite as a mouse.

This was to Z point, didn't have to understand it, HEY, I felt this one! I love the way you hate, HATE!


Capricorn ( -- Tuesday, February 11 2003, 12:07 am


We can all hate Martin, however sweet we seem. There is a limit to what any sweet person can take before their feelings turn to hate. I understand where you're coming from Becky! Good to get that rage out on paper!....and it doesn't mean she isn't still sweet Martin, just reacting!!
2 Cap ( -- Tuesday, February 11 2003, 02:41 pm

You are correct.

We all have some hate for something. I agree with you Cap, there is a limit to what anyone can take. You made a very honest point.

Angie ( -- Thursday, June 19 2003, 05:29 pm

So Totally Can Relate To!!

Everyone who has hate in them can rellate to this. But we all can say things that we don't mean. But you make a really good point. You can write anything you feel but, you can't say everything you feel!!
Britney Parker ( -- Thursday, October 23 2003, 06:05 pm

Straight Up !!

This is so totally TRUE because one day this could happen to anybody. So watch what you do and what you dream for, even what you feel i know it's hard to say what you feel. But don't let anyone run you over. Because belive me i've probly been through the same. Take any advice you could possibly get.

like the gurls be sayin'
DUCES, Britney Parker
Britney Parker ( -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 06:50 pm


You know how it feels to be i love. so don't do it again. never make the same mistake TWICE

DUECES, Britney Blackwell
ukia ( -- Thursday, January 29 2004, 01:55 pm


this is a good poem i wish was a poet
kayla perry ( -- Tuesday, May 18 2004, 02:47 pm


can i copy
Becky (Dreamer) ( -- Tuesday, May 18 2004, 08:11 pm

poem use

you may use it long as you keep my name with it
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