I Want To Remember
3 February, 2003
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Let me smell your scent one more time
So that I may keep close the memory of your desire for me
I want to breath deep of who you are
...and remember

Let me feel your lips against mine
So that the warmth of your heart fills me
I want to taste who you are
...and remember

Let me feel your touch surrounding me
So that your strength always holds me tenderly
I want to feel the comfort in who you are
...and remember

Let me gaze deeply into your eyes
So that I know with certainly of your love for me
I want to see the passion in who you are
...and remember

Let me watch you as you walk away
So that I may walk with your steps in my memory
I want to be beside the man, who you are
...and remember

I always want to remember


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Monday, February 3 2003, 03:55 pm


I know you're hurting and afraid dreamer but what the soldiers do is unselfish. making sure we keep our freedom.very nice writing. shows how you feel. touching
Capricorn ( -- Monday, February 3 2003, 05:48 pm


A beautiful poem Dreamer,I shared your emotions as I read it, with a tear in my eye!My thoughts are with you both, God bless!
Martin Vann ( -- Monday, February 3 2003, 09:34 pm

Steps that walk away, and take your love, he will be back, be ready!


You want to watch him walk away for the sake of your heart's memory. Oh my! How you must breathe this man's air and crave his touch! Such love will never be far from him, thank God for memories. He will be back, he will be back whole, perhaps with wounds of the sole, but he will be back, back again into your arms, no MAN could NOT come back to you! Your love protects him from mortal harm. I'm sure he has "things" on his mind,troops to lead, so many warrior's deeds must be performed, before , he's back in your arms. Back he will be, and may there be mercy in his passion, when once again, his body, heart and sole, melts into thee.
luc ( -- Tuesday, February 4 2003, 01:11 am

stay strong! :)

o.0 i agree much on what he just said. yes he will be back hopefully. "god" willing. its a lovely poem and i like it very much. especially repetition of ... and remember. that was obviously a nice touch. yes it will be a sad departure but it'll be a wonderful reunion. as some famous person once said "god be with you and god speed boy *salut* " hehe... we're all here for ya :)
Pamela ( -- Wednesday, February 5 2003, 02:47 am

Heartfelt Words

Amazing. You are the second person in the last few days to capture love's essence so flawlessly.
Make's me almost want to fall in love again.
GaBbY ( -- Wednesday, February 19 2003, 06:21 pm


you have an amazing gift!! the things that u express touch me.. my soul!! i was wondering if i could keep this poem.. print it out.. and put it n my scrapbook!!
hedei ( -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 12:22 am

i want to remember

can i copy it to the mirosoft word?
Sandy Lee ( -- Tuesday, February 24 2004, 05:35 pm

Beautiful poem

you had a very beautiful poem... keep up the good work... i come here every week to check if there's any new poem...
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