My Pride In You
7 November, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I look at the shadow of your form
Where your head lay in the pillow
I picture you there once again
But for now it's only a dream

I hurt missing you though you are not yet gone
I cry from the thought of you being alone
I picture the worst and pray for the best
I try to be numb
Far away you roam
Answering freedoms call
fighting for whats right
fighting for the cause
It is who you are
And I love you

I'll never hope to understand
The feeling of being a soldier
The way you feel the pride
and patriotic sense of duty
The passion for the field
Still I love you.

I try to hold my head high
And not to be sad for your sacrifice
To give up all that matters
to fight for what keeps it real
I hide my pain and tears
For I love You

I will stand strong
As I kiss you goodbye
My head held high with pride
I will wave as you pull away
And sob when you are gone
Cause I love you

I pray you won't be a hero
Yet I know you already are
I pray to God to spare you
And bring you safely home again
For no matter what.. I Love You


Comments on this poem/writing:

Capricorn ( -- Monday, November 11 2002, 11:58 pm

This comment is about all 3 poems you have submitted today - all so well written. Leaves me wondering what life would be like married to a soldier, with the fear of his death & loneliness. Also made me think of my Grandfather telling me his tales of the war, & my Grandmother waiting for him & praying. He also was very proud of showing me his medals. Good writing.
Luc ( -- Tuesday, November 12 2002, 04:42 am

great work

the poem was very VERY good. i liked it.
Dorothy C. Fox ( -- Wednesday, November 13 2002, 03:44 pm

My Pride in You

A very moving poem. I went through the WW2 war years
working at the Pentagon,met my Marine Corps husband there and then the Viet Nam years with a Marine Corps son who went through that very terrible and tragic time. I thanked God when he returned safely. Pray
that some day there will be no more wars.
Taurince ( -- Monday, December 16 2002, 04:19 pm

2 U.

I found this poem a very touching poem that brings tears to your eyes.
You are all wonderfull poets keep writting!
Michele ( -- Sunday, February 16 2003, 02:33 am

True to heart

Your poem made me cry. My husband is a Marine, who left 12 days ago to take part in Operation Enduring Freedom. He will be gone for at least a year. Your poem made me feel yet even prouder to be his wife. Thank you.
Former Marine ( -- Tuesday, February 18 2003, 10:08 pm

To all those alone tonight and those of you, soon to be...,

Yes, they answer our country's call, but not for sake of valor or democracy, for these are only words to "me."
This is a country of loving hearts, desiring only peace. Yet, there are times, such as these, that take us all to the test. Requiring that we prepare for battle and send our very best.

We send our love and hearts as armour for they are all we have, to defend all we have, our warriors, who have brave hearts.

Fight, hell, yes they can and with fangs of death, this is the American warrior. Yet, we are a loving country and democracy is a colorful word. Its flesh and heart and sole we send into battle, which I think is what democracy, should mean.

With sword and shield they go, leaving us behind? Don't think so, for love of us, is why they go, how could they leave us behind, perhaps, to spare the ones they love, from unknown physical pain? Though with nothing more than a flash of light, one warrior should should lose their life, their sole and heart will never die.

For like a shadow, their heart and sole will lie, upon our bed room pillow.

How vicious, yet tender war can be, the warrior's love they leave, in trust with U.S. Until they or their spirit, return and set your lonely, crying heart free!

Andrew ( -- Tuesday, March 25 2003, 06:38 pm


I think this poem is beautiful for whats happening right now. I wish I could write poetry like this
Megan ( -- Thursday, February 5 2004, 02:13 am

I admit, you almost had me crying.......

I am a huge poetry person. I post my poetry on, and etc. After reading what you wrote, makes me want to write even more. You have a very special gift. You're very talented. Music goes well with your poetry. You can make an album off your poems!
Tricia ( -- Sunday, February 8 2004, 04:24 am

Tears stream down my face

This was a great poem, it made tears come to my eyes. It was a great poem. And martin he had a great reply and it touched me as well.
Thanks for another great piece of work
Tricia Cauthon
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