The Killing Machine
7 November, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Just Part of the Killng Machine

It's no longer brother to brother
It's no longer friend to friend
It's no longer human beings
When shooting down the machine

There is no personafication
Can be no thought for life beyond
For when the truth invades
You can no longer hide in the sun

War ...
Roles of War
Only one objective
Kill or be killed
In the roles of war

Too many hours waiting
Listening for a snapping twig
Now jumping at the shadows
Of the shallow graves you dig

Don't ask you how many
Or if you did the deed
Making peace with your maker
To move on is to succeed

Hold on to what you care about
Hold tight for sanity
Soldiers for your lifetime
Too vivid the views of reality

Roles of war
Fighting for a cause
Kill or be killed
In the roles of war

He was just one of the killing machines
Shot down.. body falling in slow motion
His final gaze of retribution
His final gaze a plea

Roles of war
Either dead or dieing
Either way you lose
In the roles of war


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Monday, November 11 2002, 08:43 pm

no winner

I'm not going to say I understand or that I know the feeling cause I don't.All I know is it must be hard to have someone you love be a soldier. very good writing dreamer.Puts everything in prospective.
carolina reyes ( -- Wednesday, June 11 2003, 06:32 pm

why do I like it

it was a good poem it sort of explains what soldiers actualy experienced and how it is like a machine programed to kill which is it's purpose.
carmen peres ( -- Wednesday, June 11 2003, 06:38 pm

to the dreamer

it shows the horror of war, maybe machines should replase humans like that their is not so much pain for the lst of loved ones
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