The Call To Duty
4 November, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Two years to go
And he gets his call
Off he will go
To protect freedom for all

I've known all along
He is a soldier at heart
But I've always prayed
That no fighting would start

They won't tell us much
Some secret plan
Don't know if he's going
To some far away land

Only one more ring
Does the phone have to make
Then only 24 hours
Before my love they take

I hate that it has
To be this way
But I married a soldier
And God made him that way

To fight for a reason
To heed freedoms call
And protect all thats good
Though he may take the fall

So I will hold my head high
And be strong for his sake
And I pray to God
That his life he won't take


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Martin Vann ( -- Saturday, January 11 2003, 12:07 am

Dreamer , confronted with reality

There is a calling, it doesn't go out to all,
for very few, can stand that tall.

So, yes, I pick the very best, the one's who understand my call,

They must have much to loose, and much to gain,
before I ever call their name.

Without such love in my warrior's heart, why the fight, why go at all?

He's felt the warmth of your loving, breast, the love you share, that's all he needs, to make this quest.

I must have the very best, nothing less, I am demanding, but this must be!

I pick the very best, only those who stand that tall, and send them into battle, for only they, can protect us all.

For those I say, leave behind, trust me as you always have. Yes, I send him to a far off land, but Like the sparrow and my warrior, I hold you both...,

in the palm of my hand.
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, January 14 2003, 05:41 am

The Call

To Dreamer, this is a beautiful outburst of love for one who is so much a part of one's life. I think its ironic that in your poem, The Call, seems to be about the one who leaves. My thought is, there is one who must stay and that is a battlefield in itself. When both love, and one must stay and one must go, I think your poem without intention, says, The Call has gone out to both of you. How well, so many of your members know, that is true, for many go and many stay.

I say to all the Dreamers out there, be strong for him and us Dreamer, and thank You, for sharing your heart with all of us.
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