Good Bye Grandpa
25 October, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I close my eyes and say good-bye
silently in my own way
I let the tears fall freely
I let his memories remain

No more will I see his smiling face
or feel him hug me too tight
Nor will he fill my childish hand
with handfuls of shiny coins

No more will he tell me tales
Of how life used to be
first cars, jumping freight trains
and his other rebellious ways

No more will I sit beside him
on the old porch swing
or see his little greenhouse plants
his pride on how they had grown

So many little memories
come flooding back with my rivers of tears
I will truely miss him
My grandfather.. my heart holds dear

------- Author's Notes -------

In Honor of my grandfather a very special man who passed away today at 11:30 am


Comments on this poem/writing:

Randy ( -- Saturday, October 26 2002, 08:55 am

very sorry

hang in there and surround yourself remembrances of him
Luc ( -- Saturday, October 26 2002, 12:00 pm


sorry, though he'll still live on through memories, and within the hearts of everyone.
Dreamer ( -- Saturday, October 26 2002, 11:16 pm


Thank-you for your thoughts
Capricorn ( -- Monday, October 28 2002, 05:30 pm

Goodbye grandpa

Has brought back memories of my own grandpa.
writing poetry can help with your grief.
My thoughts are with you-I've been there.
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 29 2002, 08:56 pm


I bet you made him happy and proud. It's sad that he's gone for you,but all the happiness he must of got from you was nice. Just remember. If you made him happy you did the best thing.
Lequida Jenkins ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 04:41 pm


There is always something special when it comes to our loved ones. I am glad that you had such a special relationship with your grandfather. An outstanding amount of respect is towards you.
joshua turner ( -- Tuesday, January 28 2003, 05:46 pm

thank you very much

hey, right now im in the same boat your in. all we have to do is remember the good times that come with the special price of life.
Hayley Gribbon ( -- Friday, February 28 2003, 04:41 pm

Good bye Grandpa

so sorry 2 hear about your grandpa. my grandad has just passed away, so i no how your words can eva make u feel ne betta.i just think of my grandad up in heaven now with a pint of guiness in his hand having a good crack. hes not in any pain nemore. and i hope hes happy. hes my guardian angel now. just think of the good times, and keep them close 2 your heart. takecare. x
Jennifer Quaye ( -- Friday, April 11 2003, 11:39 am

no title

I just lost my Grandpa today (Apr. 11 2003). Thank you fro sharing your poem. He has passed 6 weeks after my Grandmother. Such a love he missed her so.
amanda ( -- Monday, April 28 2003, 07:01 pm

i feel you

i just lost my grandpa i was really close to him that poem reminds me of my grandpa it really touch me
taylor ( -- Friday, June 6 2003, 03:36 am

i know your feeling

I lost my grandpa 2 years ago and it has been really hard on me. i really love the poem, thank you
mckelle ( -- Monday, June 16 2003, 08:19 pm

i verry sorry

u r a great poet i verry sorry about your grandpa i will the same when mine passes
Jaici ( -- Monday, July 14 2003, 04:54 am


I have had friends who had grandparents pass away and what they go through i dont want to go through but i will have to some day.
Ben ( -- Monday, July 14 2003, 05:54 pm

Very touching words for........

Very touching poem you have here,
it squeezed my heart and made my baby blues
fill up with tears. Losing a loved one is the hardest part of being human. Thanks.
Amanda Garrett ( -- Wednesday, July 16 2003, 06:33 am


I know what it is like to lose a best friend, beacuse in 2001 my best friend of all time died from overdose of pain killers and died on July 4th, and that is still a very sad day for me.

My best friend was my Grandpa Slim. I love him dearly and i miss him so much...

Rest In Peace Grandpa...............
Krystal ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 01:34 am


This poem made me cry it sounds exactly the time i spent with my grandpa. Me and him were very close. I know how you feel. It is the worst feeling in the world knowing there not gonna be here any more but over the past two years he has been dead I know now he will always be here in spirit and looking over me. And listening , even tho there is no response. Good poem!
karie kettler ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 02:55 am

im sorry

hi there ive been there my just ied because of a tumor and i miss him very much i love your poem.
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, October 14 2003, 01:31 am


Im deeply grieving for u
Arsineh ( -- Thursday, October 23 2003, 01:29 am

im so sorry

very touching poem...i kno what u mean...the doctors just told me and my family that my grandpa isnt gonna make it past tonight....and i just wanted too sayy that was a very touching poemm..
Aeriel ( -- Monday, October 27 2003, 09:46 pm

I know what youre going through

I lost my grandpa in January of 2001. I still think about him every day. I hope you come to terms and are getting along better than I am. Good Luck!!
With deepest condolences
Ashley ( -- Monday, November 3 2003, 03:50 pm

I know what if feels like

I am very sorry that it had to happen. Even though he is dead, he will still gaurd you and be there when you nee.He will be your guardian angel. But tehres one thing you have to remember and that is that hes in a better place. I loved that poem and i just wanted to say things will get better on day
carla ( -- Sunday, November 9 2003, 03:47 pm

i am sorry

i lost my grandpa this morning and i know how much it hurts. i am so sorry for you and will keep you in my prayers.
Rachel ( -- Wednesday, December 17 2003, 05:35 am

I miss my Grandpa

I losted my Grandpa too on Aug 4th of 2003. He died at 10:35 at night in his own room and all the people were there and I miss him so much and I love him so much. So too all of the people that had Grandps's died I know how it feels I was really close to him. I wish he wasn't died, but he had Cancer so it ws time for him to go and It was really on me. I was the only Grandchild that went everywhere with him. I went to see him at the pond and watched him fished and talk to him, but when it got to the point that he couldn't move anymore it really hurt. Explaining Cancer to my little couisn It hurt to tell her what it meant. So please keep me in yours prays.
carla ( -- Wednesday, June 16 2004, 06:13 pm


your poem describes how i feel about my grandad and wot he means 2 me, my sista is findin it hard 2 cope so i wondered if i cud print this poem 4 her??

-- author's note: "yes"
Exsweet ( -- Saturday, October 16 2004, 01:16 am

i know

i know just how you feel.... i lost my grandpa too and i was really little so i dont remember him.. i kinda hurts sometimes knowing that i will have know memories of him like you did.... he told me no stories of the good old days... i miss so much and i wish i could bring him back, but no matter how hard i try nothing would work. i know hes in a better place now and i hope i can move on.. thaks for sharing and listening....
Angel in Tears ( -- Wednesday, April 27 2005, 02:09 pm

no title

My eyes flood with tears when I read this poem. Probably because grief is still present in me over my granddad, remembering the moments with him, and how much he is missed.
Latina Angel ( -- Wednesday, June 8 2005, 04:49 pm


i'm very sorry for ur grandpa's death. i don't really know how it feels to loose a grandpa but i will soon becasue my grandpa is very old and i think his time is coming soon. well i jus wanted to ask u if i could use ur poem at his funeral if he is to soon die. please. thank u for ur time.
Tammy ( -- Wednesday, June 8 2005, 07:58 pm


Sorry hun about your grandpa... This poem is truly touching, and shows that he was truly an angel waiting for his wings....know that he is always with you, watching over you!!!! My grandpa passed when I was only 12, but I have all those memories, and that keeps me going... GREAT POEM!
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