Eclipsed Dream
11 September, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


A year ago a terror struck
It changed our lives and eclipsed our dreams
We watched as our nation fell together
While great giants fell to dust

So many lives were lost,
Those left behind live with the loss each day
We came together as a nation
To help support our brothers

For a while all looked black
Behind the cloud of dust
It eclipsed our joy,
Our spirits, our tomorrows

We shook our heads in disgust
At those behind such a cowardly attack
We raised out fists in anger
and shed a tear in sorrow

As time goes by we look back at the devastation
We recognize those that lost their lives
We recognize the hero's
We recognize our men now at war
And realize our vunerabilities

We stood, together as a people
Strong and unfaultering
Wounded but not destroyed
The light of our lives shined though

And while we move on about our days
And put the horror behind
Every once in a while we will stop
And we will remember

For we will always remember..
The Day that eclipsed our dreams


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Thursday, September 12 2002, 02:10 am


you did a great job at showing how everybody feels.

very nice
Luc ( -- Saturday, September 14 2002, 01:31 am

no title

i liked the ending.
yeah it was a cowardly act but to tell you the truth i think there is very
little we can do. sure we can go and blow the fucken country and kill their
innocent show them how we felt. in fact i wish we do but we wont since apart
that we are somewhat civil we wont stoop down to their level. fact is bin ladin got away.
sadly to say i think thats true. no mean to offend people if ya want just forget bout
ma post o0
ROY C. CLAXTON JR ( -- Saturday, September 28 2002, 12:48 am


Becky I would like you to send private words via
my questions--Thanks
alexia ( -- Saturday, September 28 2002, 12:48 am

Anna ( -- Saturday, December 18 2004, 12:41 am

no title

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