A Waking Poet
11 June, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Each day I awake
Still thinking in rhyme
It never matters
What place or what time

There's always something to write
And something else to say
Oh where is some paper
Thoughts save better that way

But no matter what's writ
It's all a life's song
I always scribble it down
When inspiration comes along


Comments on this poem/writing:

Pamela ( -- Monday, October 28 2002, 03:58 am

So True

Wow! I would have to say the same - my mind is always turning and writing poems in my head, even when I am not consciously thinking about it. It's kind of neat that you wrote a poem about writing poetry :o)
SUKHI ( -- Thursday, March 13 2003, 03:32 am


LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 13 2003, 06:16 am


i know exactly how this feels...i speak in rhymes (in my head that is!) and always need a pen and paper to write things down.......
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, March 13 2003, 03:27 pm

Poets need to carry portable recorders.

We all have that feeling, don't we? One night I was watching a movice called "Pure Country" staring George Strait. While listening to the music, I started writing down "one-liners," you know, something to build a poem upon later. Poets need portable recorders so they can store those flash of genius lines down.

Super work Dreamer and Thank You.

LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 13 2003, 07:59 pm

Pure Country

Hey! i just heard of that movie last year and saw it then ont like country, but i guessit was an ok movie........but i definitely agree on the poratble recorders thingy, hehe....we should started a fundraiser/charity thingy...."Recorders For Poets"
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, March 14 2003, 01:03 am

Love the poem, the Dreamer's stick is at work.

Dreamer, you are a Voo-Do-Et. You write a poem (which I have already commented on) but, still, your words, lead to other places.

LinzAy, I like Country, Jazz, Blues and Rock & R, (Hi, Elvis). So, Since you and I, (LinzAy) watched the Pure Country movie, do you think, George would contribute?

P.S. I loved Dreamer & Seizure's, F.A.A. so cool!
barb ( -- Friday, March 14 2003, 04:13 pm


you know your poem helped me remember when I rode my mountain bike on tail and used to stop and talk into my tape recorder about what i saw. I'm afraid now though if I talked into a recorder,I wouldn't be able to understand nice poem dreamer thanks for the memory of the past.
WeeZ ( -- Saturday, October 18 2003, 12:24 am


some1 finally understands me
mental ( -- Thursday, December 23 2010, 01:38 am


ill get a song rythmn in my head i fill it in with my own words nice poem
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