The Shadow Demons
9 June, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


As I lay my head down to sleep
In the deep shadows the demons creep
Slithering close as the dreams start to come
Reaching and grasping till they grab onto one

The brightness of the dreams turn quickly dark
I run for my life from the things in the park
Slashing knives thrash my skin
Connecting sometimes, I cry out from within

I run away from them as fast as I can
As I try to devise some sort of plan
A tornado spins and the skies turn dark
I try to hide myself and my friends safely away

Some sort of hero I try to be
While tornados and slashers try to get me
My back to a corner as the demons are soaring
I cry out, open my eyes, and gladly its morning


Comments on this poem/writing:

whist ( -- Monday, February 3 2003, 12:27 am

Wow! I have no other way to sat this but, WOW!

Your great, you probably get that a lot, but your totaly awesome! I'm only 12 but I love to write poems, stories,and plays and stuff like that too. Could you e-mail me so we could maybe...swop ideas or something?

your fan,
Venus ( -- Sunday, March 30 2003, 03:41 am


Um, I need to ask you something important that relates to your poem. Could you email me asap at (snip - security)Thanks and I'll hopefully hear from you soon...
Sarah ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 06:47 am


Wow! This is amazing and i feel so encouraged to write poems, but my hobbies stay the same: drawing, and horse-back riding.
LinzAy ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 12:38 pm


Hey! Love the poem Becky!!!
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 02:30 pm

I've not seen you write like this before.

I need to review the archives more often, I missed this one.

This is a twist in your writing for me, could almost feel a touch of "Seiz breeze" in this one. Two things; 1, I'm glad you oofered protection not only for yourselfy, but also for your friends. Two: That you opened your eyes and escaped.

I enjoyed it, as you tell, Thanks.

Dawn ( -- Monday, July 21 2003, 07:46 pm


Hello, I have started a poem book for a friend of mine who is moving. I was woundering if it would be alright to use you poem to put in the. I will be only used to injoyed. Thank's for your time.
Wraith ( -- Wednesday, November 19 2003, 11:23 pm


I have a deep fascination with the dark and demonic, nice poem.
stephen ( -- Tuesday, January 25 2005, 05:39 pm

great wounderfull

i was woundering if it would be alright for me to use your poem for a school project
Dreamer ( -- Wednesday, January 26 2005, 01:11 am


Yes, you may use this one for your school project too
SweetWater ( -- Thursday, April 28 2005, 07:34 pm


This shows so much. I do appreciate the powerful emotional issues being portrayed here. As a fellow poet myself, I have complete respect for what this web page is doing, not only for you but for many of us at the same time. Never stop writing, you will always have a devoted audience!
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