The World Of I
9 March, 2002
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Are we so caught up in the world of "I"
That we forget to see
The world out there is made up
Of a population of "WE"

Is it more important to only think of self
Or is it more satisfying to know
That we've helped another "I"
With the love "WE" have to show

When we think of "I"
We dwell within our selves
That would be just fine
If we lived alone on a shelf

But in the world of "WE"
So much more can be done
"We" can create a smile in friendship
And the world can be more fun

Is it not much better
To try and make a child smile
Rather than to be alone where we can't hear
Or know what makes him cry

Or is it in self that we fear
That as an "I", we might fail
As a "WE" there's comfort
As a "WE" there is a safety rail

So if you find yourself caught in the world of "I"
Find a way to give; to enter the world of "We"
For only in the world of "WE"
Can the "I", that "Is".. be Free

------- Author's Notes -------

If I have only my friendship to offer... I am still able to give.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Barb ( -- Saturday, October 26 2002, 05:40 am

spreading the word

Dreamer this poems wakes you up. Theres more to life than just ourselves.We dwell on our problems and we forget others have problems. read this poem and it made me stop and think. thank-you good insight
Meri ( -- Saturday, December 16 2006, 07:09 pm


Good one Dreamer! I guess we all get like this at times. Selfish and egoistic. Well Said!

The World Of I! You are so right!
barb ( -- Monday, December 18 2006, 06:58 pm

good thinking

You are so right. when we think of others not just ourselves we feel good .
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