As He Sleeps
25 December, 2001
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


He lies there sleeping, unknowing
The meaning his love brings to my life
The warmth in my heart makes me smile
As I love him unconditionally

I watch him sleeping beside me
I lean over close to his ear
"I Love you so much" I say quietly
"I love you too" he sleepily replies


Comments on this poem/writing:

Kimberly ( -- Tuesday, August 13 2002, 12:52 am

Wonderful and simple - great poem - says it all in a few lines.

Nice and simple and wonderfully written. beautiful poem.
ashley ( -- Monday, January 13 2003, 03:47 pm

this poem tells what the man was thinking before he died. it also gives more essence in your life!!! THANK-YOU for your time
ashley ( -- Monday, January 13 2003, 03:49 pm


this poem is showing aa reflection of her childs life
Dreamer (Becky) ( -- Tuesday, January 14 2003, 05:48 am

hehe ashley

Try again .... I love how a poem can mean something different to different people when they read it. It is about my husband and he is very much alive :)
Martin Vann ( -- Saturday, February 22 2003, 10:14 pm

Can Poets use each others eyes and hearts?

Becky, I was acturlly, trying to see if, you had presented your beautiful song, House Of Mirroos," when I saw, As He Sleeps.
, As He Sleeps.

As you know, I wrote a poem called, "Even As She Sleeps," when I read this I thought, love is truly, a universal language!

Without saying, I think my sleeping angel, is prettier, than you sleeping warrior, but in the end, love is the same. I know how you felt then when you wrote this and how you feel now, as best I can, for the now part, anyway.

c.r. ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 07:46 pm


aaww what a beautiful poem!!
Raul ( -- Monday, April 14 2003, 03:22 pm


this is truely a beautiful poem, this happen a couple of times in my life. I would tell her i love her when she was sleeping, and she would say it back while she was sleeping.Great poem, its really romantic and it shows alot of emotional feelings, Great poem!
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