Amanda's Window*
23 October, 2000
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


      Amanda sat in the window waiting. She was starting to once again grow hungry. Maybe this hadn't been the best place after all, she thought as she looked out into the brightness. It seemed so perfect when she had decided to make this her home.

     She waited patiently hoping the time would come soon. That food would arrive. Could it be? She scurried to the corner to get a closer look. No, once again it had been a false alarm.

     The sun grew warm as it entered her window. She wondered if it was all worth it. The trouble she had gone to make her home in such a place as this. She was alone with no friends here. Not that she really had expected it to be any different. But it would have been nice to have a voice she could understand from time to time.

     She did have the one visitor. That huge woman that appeared every once in a while. She didn't speak in a fashion that Amanda understood unfortunately. She was loud and kind of scary as she was so big a person. Her words always seemed to be soothing but she had been warned against strangers such as her. Amanda would sit quietly when the woman was around, half hoping she would go away again, and half hoping she wouldn't go.

     Once in a while when the woman would come by she would bring with her a delicious meal that Amanda was truly grateful for. She never stayed to enjoy the meal with her though. Amanda knew there was more then enough for her little self and would wrap up the leftovers and place them away properly for later.

     After a good meal Amanda would rest in her corner once again. Curling up slightly watching until she would fall asleep there. The darkness was comforting. Half way through the night a man would come by. He always seemed to come when the weather changed becoming moist and humid. She didn't really mind the change but after he left came the cold.

     One night he came by waking her as he passed her window. It wasn't so much him that had awaken her really but it was the roar of the weather outside her window. This night there was a loud storm. Each crash seemed to shake her whole world. It frightened her. She wished he would go away and leave her in peace.. She was much more scared of him then of the lady with the soothing voice or the weather. Sometimes when he would look her direction she would fear for her life. No, to her he was not a good man.

     In the distance she could hear the man and woman talking and laughing with each other. Amanda wished she could understand what they were saying. She could use a good joke to help pass the time. She could use a good meal and some liquid refreshment too.

     She wondered if she dare get down from her window and search out her needs. It was so much safer where she was. High above the passers by. But she was thirsty.

     Slowly she moved down from her perch, as her thirst won out. She clung to the wall for support as she rarely came down from her window. It was frightening for her. So many things could happen to her when she was not in her safe window. But her thirst right now out weighed her fear.

     Still slowly she moved closer to a place where she knew she could get her drink. Through the darkness she made her way, creeping one step at a time. She was almost there. She could feel the cold floor beneath her feet as she moved closer to the faucet. Very cold. She almost thought her feet would freeze to the floor and she would not be able to move any longer.

     She was almost there. She could see the tap and seen the water she so desired. Suddenly a flash of light blinded her. She tired to run but in her fear she was frozen to her to place. Oh no, it was the man.

     She couldn't cry out there was no voice. She couldn't run as her feet refused to move. She was terrified. He moved toward her quickly. He seemed unaware of her presence at first.

     She hoped he wouldn't see her as she stood there not moving a muscle. He reached over her now moving quickly. He looked straight at her. She was now more terrified then ever as she knew he seen her there. She prayed her nightmares would not come true.

     Suddenly the water came. Swirling fast and hard quickly coming up toward her. The floor was filling up too fast. She tried to run. Her feet moved now but the water was gaining. The man moved over her again and the water started coming from the sky as well. Hard fast huge drops. They beat down on her. She knew there was no escape. She tried to run, to get away but again her feet betrayed her. They slid out from their grasp on the floor beneath them as she tried as hard as she could to get back to the safely of her window.

     The rain was too hard and the water was rising too fast only inches from her now. She fought harder to get away. Finally a foot managed to hold its place but only for a second and she fell backwards. The swirling waters grabbed her. Enveloping her quickly. Pulling her further from her window. She couldn't breath as the waters pulled her away down and under. She fought hard to swim to find the edge but she grew tired. Too tired, too hungry, too thirsty... She almost found herself relaxed in the thought for the spit second. My window, she thought as she managed one last time to come up from beneath the water. My wonderful window....

     The life left her body as the water continued to swirl her around, moving her closer to the source. Suddenly as it started the rain ceased. The waters started to subside carrying her body down stream to a dark cold chasm. Her lifeless body lay there on the damp cold floor.

     The mans hand came from above where she lay. He looked down at where she lay lifeless. He turned on the faucet and washed the small, insignificant, dead spider away. The body went quickly down the bath tub drain. The man turned off the light without thought and went back to his chair to watch TV.

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bench ( -- Thursday, July 10 2003, 01:38 pm

Similar story

That was one beautiful story. I have something similar and will share it with you once i find it in my files. Thanks for that beautiful story. :)
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