Autumn Mountains*
5 November, 1999
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


     The hillside bloomed with colors. Each tree seemed to be dipped in pallets of kissed sunshine. Dreamer stood once again looking to nature, her inspiration. It was always the trees that gave her the medicine she needed to get through the days of life.

     She admired how the trees were tall and strong. Yet able to bend to the winds of change. Always changing from season to season. They weathered it all. But always returning to what they were before. A complete cycle. Now was the season of endless colors. Majestic splendor of their cycle of life once again coming full swing.

     Dreamer admitted to herself that these indeed were the most wondrous of all the colors she had ever seen in nature. She starred at them trying to absorb the memory.   Painting a mental picture that would last for all the years to come.  It was so breathtaking.

     She knew at that instant if she had the paints and a canvas she could be an artist and paint the wonders she now seen before her.  Sometimes the artist in her screamed to be let free. And this was one of those times.  She regretted not having the supplies she needed to allow that part of herself to be free right now.  She wanted to capture this moment forever.

     The Patchwork of Mother Nature’s quilt lay before her very eyes.  It blanketed the hillside. It filled her with warmth and comfort for a time.  Autumn had out done herself this year, she thought to herself.

     She watched as the clouds over head rolled across the mountains.  Blocking out the brilliant colors for brief moments..  They seemed to mute them from calling out so loudly to her.  They moved slowly across from one hill... then the next.  It reminded her of how it might have looked to see the great herds of buffalo, that once roamed the prairies, as they had moved across the land..

     She hated to go back to doing the things that real life called her to do.  To her moments like these were much more precious then the menial chores awaiting her.  Dreamer took one long last look. Breathing in deeply she let go a heavy sigh.  No words could ever do this justice...

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katiana ( -- Friday, October 12 2007, 10:30 pm


it was so amazing its the from them all I know how to make rythem to
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