The Movie*
21 June, 1998
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


     She pulled out of the theater into the darkened quiet city street. Street lights and signs of the nearby restaurants were brightly lit.. Even thought there was no one there to take advantage of the light.. Outside of the opened window she could hear the crickets and the frogs singing a song of the impending cooler weather... The song of the animals always seemed more vibrant when it was cool outside.. The sounds filled Dreamer's heart with a sort of homesickness for the outdoors...

     The car rounded the corner of the park where she and the Little Prince had their walk in the moon light.. The place where she set her inner child free for a moment to enjoy the things like swinging it liked to do. Society and the norm's said she was not too old to play.. Judging her for her love of play.. Thinking her odd..

     Again the she had her passing sorrow for them.. The ones who would sit back and say "ah yes to be young again... To have that energy" And they would sit and do nothing but think about it... Dreamer took the fun in hand and caressed it.. Never would she say what if... She embraced the moments she lived and chose to do things.. If alone... then alone it would be, it didn't matter like it did at one time...

     Dreamer knew she would never grow old.. She would always be young no matter what her body said... No matter how her outside shell looked and lied about it..... No matter how many times her friends would say "Nah! I can't do that," laughing at her... It just made her feel sorry for them..

     Once again Dreamer thought about the men in her life.. The ones that meant so much to her.. How each were unique in their own way... She treasured them so.... She thought about the one she held closer than the rest.

     So many things went through her mind in so little time.. Her thoughts always seemed to swirl like that.. It was comfortable.. Others seemed to steal this from her.. These moments of being alone with herself..

     Dreamer pulled up in front of her house. She waited in her car before going in. She finished listening to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush on the radio. She got out of the car and headed back to reality.

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