As Generations Pass
20 May, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


As Generations pass we continue
Not only with our own lives
but with the dreams of those
who came and went before us

We are what remains of their heart
the continuance of love they followed.
We are their children, grandchildren
friends & neighbors

Each of us hold a memory
that will keep forever alive, the person in our hearts
The pain of loss we feel should pass
as the joy of the memories resurface

My Grandfather lived his life simple
He wasn't a wealthy man. But a man with a dream.
He dreamed of having his own little farm
With animals to tend, and tractor to drive
A place where neighbors were friends

Though my grandfather was not rich,
He still lived a full rich life.
He had children and wives that loved him.
He lived his dream in a small town as a farmer for many years
He had many animals he named after his kids and grandkids
He had many good friends and neighbors

Though we lay his body to rest he will live on in our lives.
In our hearts and memories we recall how he touched each of us.
Some in small ways, and some in much more important ways
His gentle kindness lives on in his children, their children
and the generations of children after them

And in their love... and in their heart he will always live on.

------- Author's Notes -------

In Memory of My Grandfather
Walter Ditch
Sept 11, 1909 - May 18, 2004
He will live on always, in the memories of my heart.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Clive (, 2) -- Thursday, May 20 2004, 02:49 pm

Sorry For you're loss

Today you're loss is great,
As heavens celebrates,
Memories you'll remember with fondness and smiles
Walter is now very much alive,
In company telling stories as once did,

Becky A great poem that touches through and though, Take care of you Clive
Meridian ( -- Thursday, May 20 2004, 06:00 pm

The Loss of A Loved One

A very good dedication and tribute to your Grandfather, Mr. Walter Ditch.
The sting of death, is very powerful
But like you've stated Dreamer, spirits due live on!
I hope you find strength to make it through your difficult time, and remember, we're all here for you Queen of Poetry!

Smile Dreamer,
Martin V ( -- Thursday, May 20 2004, 09:17 pm

His love, is America


There is no loss, for with us, you have shared his heart. Beyond these words, as generations come and go, they will always know, his love.

Your words are a memory, of what you knew, but his love is a part of AMERICA, all our children, and with God's grace, they will feel his love, as I do. Time passes on, but, love, is never left behind.

xtwilight_illusionx ( -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 02:22 am


awesome poem, I lost my grandfather May 19, 2004 and this poem really hit home.
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