Illusion Of A Dream
19 July, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Sweet illusion you were so wonderful
For a moment I held a dream in my hand
My heart felt full and my life complete

Like a white dove, you wooed me so tenderly
Then as birds do, you spread your wings, flying away
All I could do is watch you go

I will not feel remorse for your leaving
But bask in the ghost of a feeling you left behind
Holding out my hands, I can still picture you there

Disappearing into a tear of liquid yearning
I know one day the dream will be mine
No more will a ghost of a dream exist

I will hold in my hand, not an illusion
but the key to a heart that is meant to be mine
Then my heart will be full and my life will feel complete

------- Author's Notes -------

Inspired by a Friend in Poetry


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Monday, July 19 2004, 02:38 am

Dreamer absolutely beautiful..

i: understand ,had a dream ,an illusion ..he: inspired me,is holy ,too far from my grasp. i envisioned him into a dream .we fell in love w/each others hearts, didn't think it was possible,we became closer, now .. dream /illusion is very real .he is in my life .i didn' realize he was meant to be MINE ...soon flesh love,life and all..i'll be able to call out his name...and know he will be laying right next to me when i wake up and roll over in bed in the middle of the night.. my life with him full/complete...i know your poem very well...great insights of the heart
LinzAy ( -- Monday, July 19 2004, 04:01 am


This is great Becky :)
barb ( -- Monday, July 19 2004, 02:30 pm

true love

I love reading about love. you got your point acrossed without hinting of sex. very nice Becky as usual.
MartinV ( -- Monday, July 19 2004, 03:16 pm

My, How I/WE, Love This Poem


So, often, our hearts will dream, of love that becomes a vapor, as if, we saw our own heart, take wing, "disappering into a liquid yearning," for what we thought, would always be. Like you, I know, my love is waiting, pearched upon my toughts and waiting, to take flight in one direction, heading straight for my lonely heart and there will be no change, in direction. Once love, finds my heart, we will forever, fly together. Guess, Dreamer, you know, there is someone special, with wings that only fly in my direction, your heart spoke the words I feel, "be patient," love, will be real. I know whose wings, I'm waiting for and like you Dreamer, soon, I pray, I will feel, the wings cease their flutter, and we will nest, in love together, never to fly away or be alone again.

My, Dreamer, How I Love This Poem!

Meridian ( -- Monday, July 19 2004, 06:56 pm

Darn good poem

Dreamer! Whoa! A friend in whom you can't see, who touches your heart so, it makes you wanna float like a cloud in the sky eh! It's good reminiscing on friends! Very, very, poetic words in your poem I admire!

Great job Dreamer!
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