Just Some Pondering
22 March, 1997
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Sometimes I just sit here and think
I wonder, and wonder am I on the brink
Of reality and insanity, a thin line I walk
Wisdom of ages, sometimes found in my talk

Yet deeper I seek answers
Where I know there are none
And playing with words sometimes
Just makes me feel numb

I listen and care, but to what avail
To help just one other, I feel that I fail
I cry, and I try to break through this wall
Humbly, yes humbly on my knees I fall

Quietly I listen to each of the words
Calling and calling each one is heard
Sharing the pain that is so deep within
Each of us trying to bring peace without sin

Maybe tomorrow, should it ever come
The answers may be there, I pray I won't run
The Truths, ah..the truths of destiny's call
On wings of the dragon we sink, swim, or crawl

I believe that God lives, and in us the Son
And the answer, His answer will someday come
And through his grace
If I can only keep pace
In my destiny, his work be done.

And as I sit here so deep in thought
I remember that my soul, could not be bought
I fought, yes I fought for my freedom now found
But with my freedom my heart became bound

Tomorrow will come
Bring it on
Bring it on
I'm ready and able once more

I'll should always remember the choice was mine
To be free, to be me, I should not whine
But.... I am what I am, and be who I be
This was my Lord's true design.

------- Author's Notes -------

Reality once again is not as bad as I was thinking and feeling the last couple days. Thank-you to all my balcony friends.
My blue funk has been shaken loose to hide once again deep in the dragons lair, thus the steam subsides..............Love to all B


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