Just One In A Million
1 September, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Just one of a million
One single pebble on the beach
One star in the heaven
One day in a life

Would it make any difference
If the "one" was not there
Would life change a bit
Would anyone care

If the one in a million was the one you would love
If the one pebble held a car on a cliff
If the one star was the sun in the sky
If the one day a future savior was to be born

I guess it would make a difference
If the "one" was not there
Life changed forever
Guess "one" should care


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, September 1 2004, 04:26 am

Dreamer, Just one does makes a big difference...

WOW... and i mean WOW!! illuminating poem.. this is a one of a kind you express it so well darn my simple comment couldn't even begin to touch such excellence just know this.... i'm just one of many and this... ROCKS BIG TIME...
Megan ( -- Wednesday, September 1 2004, 05:54 am


i don't think i could express how great your poem was in this comment , but it was amazing.
Meridian ( -- Wednesday, September 1 2004, 05:14 pm


Being satisfied with just "one"! "One" is enough! DIVINE poem about life lessons.... I wish a single pebble did prevent a car from falling off a cliff... Nice one!
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, September 1 2004, 09:58 pm


very good way of putting certain things into perspective. nice poem Becky :)
barb ( -- Thursday, September 2 2004, 05:22 am

good one

I like writings that make me stop and think and this one did that thanks
young_one ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 07:02 pm


this makes me remember how just one person can trap beauty in words.
Tammy ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 08:33 pm


your poems are so breathtaking, they are so beautiful!!!!
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